China, EU Agree to Hold Talks on Planned EV Tariffs Amid Ongoing Tensions

China and the European Union (EU) have agreed to negotiate on proposed tariffs on Chinese EVs amid ongoing tensions.

After Vladimir Putin Meets Xi Jinping, Russia and China Establish Payment Alternatives to Evade US Sanctions for Now

Russia's President Vladimir Putin's visit to China last month reportedly secured alternative payment methods for the two nations...

Russian Hackers Demand $50 Million Ransom After NHS Hospital Cyberattack

Following a cyberattack on Synnovis that disrupted NHS hospitals, Russian hacker group Qilin has demanded a $50 million ransom while threatening to release stolen data obtained during the breach...

Italy Arrests Russian Businessman Accused of Helping Son of Putin Ally Escape From House Arrest

Italian authorities have arrested a Russian businessman accused of assisting the son of a Putin ally in escaping house arrest in Italy...

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Meta Halts EU AI Model Rollout Amid Privacy Concerns, Regulatory Pressure
Meta Platforms has postponed the European launch of its AI models after the Irish privacy regulator advised against using data from Facebook and Instagram users.
UK Economy to Gain $1.27 Billion from Taylor Swift's Record-Breaking Eras Tour
Taylor Swift's Scotland concerts boosted the local economy by $98 million and are projected to add $1.27 billion to the UK economy while setting new attendance records.
G7 Agrees to Give Ukraine $50 Billion Loan Amid War vs. Russia
The leaders of the Group of Seven, the world’s wealthiest nations, have agreed to create a $50 billion loan to help Ukraine in its fight to survive Russia’s onslaught, with interest earned on profits
US Luxury Travel Firms Report Inadequate Interest in the Upcoming Paris Olympics
Luxury travel companies in the US are reporting low Paris Olympics ticket sales so far.
[UPDATE] Chinese EV Shares Jump Following EU’s New Import Tariffs
Most Chinese EV manufacturers' stock prices rose on Thursday morning after the EU proposed 38% higher tariffs.
US Sanctions Several Firms in Hong Kong, UAE for Involvement in Russian Gold Trade
The US has imposed sanctions on several companies based in Hong Kong and the UAE for involvement in the trade of gold produced by a sanctioned Russian miner.
Meta Wants to Use European Data for AI Training—Will Privacy Complaints Hinder it?
Meta said it wants to use European data for AI training while facing privacy concerns from European countries. Can it be allowed to do so?
Volvo to Move EV Production to Belgium From China as EU Prepares to Impose Tariffs on Chinese EVs
Volvo has reportedly started moving production of EVs to Belgium in anticipation of the European Union's impending taxes on China-made cars.
Russia's Vladimir Putin Says Nearly 40% of Russian Trade Turnover Now in Rubles Amid Growing Conflict With West
Russia's President Vladimir Putin has claimed that almost 40% of the country's trade is now transacted in Russian rubles.
McDonald’s Loses ‘Big Mac’ Trademark Dispute to Irish Rival Supermac’s in EU Court
A high EU court sided with Irish fast-food competitor Supermac's over McDonald's in a "Big Mac" trademark dispute.
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