China Eyes 'Voluntary and Flexible' Retirement Age Increase to Address Aging Population

China's Communist Party is considering a gradual and flexible increase in the retirement age to address pension system pressures caused by an aging population and declining birth rates.

Olympic Gold Medalists to Receive $50,000 Prize Money for the First Time

For the first time ever, track and field gold medalists in the Paris Olympics will receive $50,000 prize money despite resistance from critics who claimed that it would undermine the spirit of the gam..

US Online Spending Surge to $7.2 Billion, Thanks to Amazon Prime Day Frenzy

The first day of Amazon's Prime Day event in the U.S. saw $7.2 billion in online sales, surpassing expectations and marking an 11.3% increase from the previous year...

NBA Star LeBron James Partners With Canyon to Inspire New Generation of Cyclists

Canyon Bicycles announced its collaboration with NBA star LeBron James and several other riders to promote its line of bicycles and inspire the next generation of cyclists regardless of terrain and pr..

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Sonic Manager Fatally Shot in Drive-Thru After Dispute With Customers Over Fake Money
A 33-year-old night manager at a Sonic restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, was tragically shot and killed during a dispute with customers over counterfeit money while working in the drive-thru.
Utah CEO and Daughter Killed in Tragic Roadway Accident with Bulldozer
The CEO of Lifetime Products and his 16-year-old daughter tragically lost their lives when a mini bulldozer fell off a tow truck and landed on their car in Ogden Canyon, Utah.
Woman Allegedly Used Dead 'Sugar Daddy's' Severed Thumb to Steal From His Bank Account
A woman was accused of using her deceased "sugar daddy's" severed thumb to access his bank account.
Crypto Scammers Steal Former Texas Businessman's Nearly $300,000 Retirement Savings
A former Texas businessman has fallen victim to a crypto scam, losing nearly $300,000 of his retirement savings.
Indonesian Woman's Airport Encounter with Boss During Sick Leave: How to Handle Unexpected Workplace Encounters
A 23-year-old Indonesian woman had an awkward experience during her flight back to Bali after she called in sick and encountered her boss who was flying on the same plane.
Aviation Mechanic Fatally Sucked Into Boeing Jet Engine During Maintenance
An aviation mechanic tragically died after being sucked into a Boeing passenger jet's engine during routine maintenance at Chabahar Konarak airport in southern Iran.
Baidu's Driverless Vehicle Hits Pedestrian in China; Public Largely Backs the Car Maker
A driverless car operated by Baidu in China hit a jaywalking pedestrian, sparking social media support for the carmaker due to the pedestrian crossing against the light.
Queens Woman Charged in Murder-for-Hire Plot Offering $10K, Sexual Favors, and Fake Crypto to Kill Lover's Wife and Daughter
A 42-year-old woman has been charged in a murder-for-hire plot after allegedly offering $10,000 and sexual favors to kill her lover's wife, using a fake dark website.
Arizona's Minimum Wage Could Rise to $18, Including Tipped Workers, Under New Ballot Measure
Arizona voters will decide on a new ballot measure, the “One Fair Wage Act,” which proposes raising the state minimum wage to $18 an hour.
How to Land Your Dream Job: Tips to Secure Career Happiness
Landing your dream job can transform your professional life and bring immense personal satisfaction, but it requires a strategic approach and the right resources.
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