Italy Arrests Russian Businessman Accused of Helping Son of Putin Ally Escape From House Arrest

Italian authorities have arrested a Russian businessman accused of assisting the son of a Putin ally in escaping house arrest in Italy.

Germany Urges China to Make 'Serious' Move on Issue of EV Tariffs

Germany is urging China to take decisive steps regarding tariffs on imported electric vehicles (EVs)...

Starbucks, Coca-Cola Seek Trademark Renewal in Russia

Coca-Cola and Starbucks have sought to re-register their trademarks in Russia to protect their intellectual property rights...

Meta Halts EU AI Model Rollout Amid Privacy Concerns, Regulatory Pressure

Meta Platforms has postponed the European launch of its AI models after the Irish privacy regulator advised against using data from Facebook and Instagram users...

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France Moves Closer to Legally Allowing Terminally Ill People to Take Lethal Medication to End Their Lives
France proposed a bill on Wednesday that would allow terminally ill adult patients to take lethal medication.
China Accused of Flooding Britain with Fake Royal Mail Stamps; Experts Term it as 'Economic Warfare'
The reports indicate that four Chinese suppliers are manufacturing counterfeit stamps at an alarming rate of up to one million per week.
Switzerland Creates 'Too Big to Fail' Rules to Make Banks Safer Following Credit Suisse Collapse
Switzerland presented proposals for UBS, along with three other systemically relevant banks, to protect the country from a recurrence of the Credit Suisse collapse experienced last year.
UK to Spend Over £55 Million to Improve Facial Recognition Systems to Stop Shoplifting
The UK government is investing £55.5 million ($70 million) to improve facial recognition technology as part of a crackdown on shoplifting.
US Approves Ukraine's Emergency Request to Buy $138 Million Worth of Hawk Missile Parts, Repair Services
The US has approved Ukraine's emergency request to purchase spare parts and repair services for its HAWK missile systems.
Donald Trump Meets With UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, Who Is Pressing GOP-Controlled House to Unlock Money for Ukraine
Donald Trump met on Monday with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron for dinner at the former president's Florida residence, where they talked about the Ukraine war and NATO spending.
Russia, China Agree to Boost Economic and Security Ties to Counter US Dominance in Europe and Asia
Russia and China have announced plans to deepen their security cooperation in Asia and Europe to counter the US' attempts to exert dominance on these regions.
Spain Axes 'Golden Visa' Program Granting Residency to Wealthy Non-EU Citizens After Large Investments in Real Estate
Spain announced its intention to eliminate the program known as "golden visas," which grants residency permits to wealthy people from non-European Union countries who invest in real estate.
Russia Seeks Emergency Gasoline Supply From Kazakhstan as Ukraine Aims Drones at Oil Refineries: Report
Russia is reportedly considering Kazakhstan as a potential source of gasoline in the event of shortages aggravated by Ukrainian drone attacks on oil refineries.
Norway Labor Unions Successfully Negotiated a 5.2% Wage Increase, Avoiding Major Strike
Labor unions and employers in Norway have successfully negotiated a 5.2% wage increase.
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