Vladimir Putin: Russia Becoming 'New Global Growth Center' Despite Western Isolation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asserted that the economic isolation Russia faces due to international sanctions is even helping the country to transform into a "growth center" in a "new global economy."

Italy Formally Withdraws From Belt and Road Agreement With China

Italy has officially informed China that it is withdrawing from the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), marking a significant shift in its international economic alliances...

EU to Delay Tariffs on UK Electric Vehicles for 3 Years, Offers €3 Billion to Boost Battery Manufacturing

The European Commission has proposed a three-year delay in implementing tariffs on electric vehicles (EVs) traded between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU)...

Denmark Set to Remove 1,000 Crown Banknote From Circulation

Denmark is poised to withdraw its largest denomination, the 1,000 crown banknote, from circulation...

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ArcelorMittal to sell 3 of its US steel operations
Billionaire Lakshmi Mittal-controlled ArcelorMittal is selling three of its US steel operations to Black Diamond Capital Management. As part of the sale deal, ArcelorMittal will offload three units at
London's Air Quality Index Reached Dangerous Levels Earlier This Month
London's air has been reported of high levels of PM2.5 that was recorded from March 10-13. These minute particles can get inside the lungs and find its way into the bloodstream giving the body's immun
Google Fined by France Authority Over Privacy Issues Regarding the “Right to be Forgotten"
France’s data protection authority CNIL fined U.S. tech giant Google for failing to comply with the European top court’s ruling for the “right to be forgotten”. Google has implemented the ruling in Eu
Brexit risks at $700-mln shock to energy bills, says Amber Rudd
Brexit is expected to impact Britain's economy in a more negative way. If UK gets out of European Union (EU), it would generate $700 million (GBP 500million) gas and power bills additionally per annum
Regency Hotel's loss rises to €217k after gangland murder, claims for indemnity
After the killing of David Byrne in a shootout at Dublin's Regency Hotel, it's reeling under severe pressure as losses amounted to €217,000. Regency Hotel has applied for indemnity to its insuring com
Some US energy chiefs make more cash amid oil turmoil
Contrary to a notion that oil rout is impacting everyone in the industry, there are few bosses at energy companies making more money based on their performance. Few top managers are excelling in meet
Ineos Started Shipping US Shale Gas to Europe
Shale gas from U.S. has begun shipment to Europe. The world-largest LNG carrier Ineos Intrepid has bound for Norway carrying 27,500 m3 of liquified ethane gas.
Discount retailer Aldi to hire 700 apprentices, open 1000 stores in UK by 2022
German discount retailer Aldi will hire 700 apprentices this year, twice of its recruitment in in 2015. Aldi has set a target of 1,000 stores in the UK by 2022.
Capitalism vs Nationalist Emotions: London Exchange Considers Consensus Poll
London Stock Exchange has been considering for holding a consensus poll on its proposed controversial £21 billion merger deal announced on Wednesday. Deutsche Boerse CEO has warned of possible America
China's consumers spending rise on spas, travel, entertainment
Chinese consumers are spending more on spa visits, travel and entertainment as income levels are on upward movement. The consumer spending is expected rise 10 percent annually for the next decade.
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