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3 Scenarios Lear Capital Founder Kevin DeMeritt Says Precious Metals Could Protect Against

While political and economic uncertainty can negatively affect some assets' returns, precious metals like silver and gold tend to perform more evenly during challenging times - offering a number of possible advantages, according to Kevin DeMeritt, founder and chairman of Los Angeles-based gold and precious metals firm Lear Capital.

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A Woman in Black Blazer Sitting in Front of the Table with Laptop

Tips To Increase Your Appointment Setting Conversion Rate in 2022 According to Bruntwork

Customer retention is the fastest way to grow profits but not in the absence of new clients. Without a steady stream of inbound leads that close to new revenue, companies' top-line income will flounder. If you are in the game of selling services, you often need to reach decision-makers (via Zoom, Google Meet or other video conferencing solutions). There is an art to reaching the right person as most top sales experts will say - LinkedIn InMail is often a great way to put an offer in front of the right person.

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Woman Receiving the Package from the Deliveryman

Amazon FBA, Shipping, Receiving: Kitting and Assembly Solutions Keeps it All Signed, Sealed and Delivered for a Global Marketplace On the Go

As an entrepreneur, Todd Peters knows that sometimes a simple formula is the best formula. When he set out to launch his own business, he said, "I wasn't finding what I thought was going to be out there, but I overcame it by finding something else." That something else evolved into Kitting and Assembly Solutions, which is based in a warehouse near Denver and provides a range of services, including Amazon FBA Prep; and kitting, labeling, assembly, custom packaging, shipping, receiving, storage and quality control.

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Brian Condenanza

Investor Brian Condenanza On The Future of Fintech Investing

The digital space is one of the fast-growing sectors. The industry is experiencing tremendous growth, and new trends are transforming the way of doing business. The digital space has also presented entrepreneurs with new investment opportunities in the form of digital aspects and business opportunities. Brian Condenanza invests in entrepreneurs in developing industries such as fintech, digital assets, and impact investing.

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Courthouse Court Law

What You Need to Know About Business Litigation Law

Business litigation is usually applied as a form of mediation or resolution when a dispute occurs in the business world and cannot be settled through negotiation or arbitration. It is used when a company is engaged in legal conflict with another company. Business litigation is another option for mediation when a private person has a legal dispute with a corporate entity.

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Amer Deeba

Amer Deeba on Cybersecurity and His New Company Normalyze

Amer Deeba is a senior executive working in Silicon Valley. He has worked with tech giants and startups. Deeba started his career as a software engineer and later pivoted towards the business side of IT, focusing on go-to-market strategies, packaging products, and facilitating company growth.

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Tax Documents on the Table

The Ultimate Guide to an Employee’s Net Pay

Net pay is also called net wages or net income of an individual. The pay stubs generator will mention the net income in a larger and broader font. Furthermore, the net income also appears at the bottom of the employee stub as it is the conclusive figure the employees are interested in.

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Minimizing Risk in the Ecommerce Industry

The growing eCommerce industry has a myriad of benefits including the ability to reach customers across the world and nearly limitless market potential. However, running an online based business also has its risks and drawbacks. Entrepreneurs in the eCommerce space can take the following measures to reduce their risk of common pitfalls.

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Photo by X on Unsplash

Venture Capital Funding Seekers Expected To Show Security Support Standards In Future

Indeed, with so many venture capital funding projects built around web-based activity, many venture capital funding providers are asking a simple question: what kind of IT support is available?

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Rejuvenating Fertility Center

Rejuvenating Fertility Center’s Medical Director Dr. Zaher Merhi on Acupuncture & Fertility

Northeast fertility clinic Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) is one of the few fertility centers in the world that offers a host of natural and holistic options when it comes to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other fertility treatments.

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person holding white plastic container

Selecting A Cell Line Partner - Top Priorities

The biopharmaceutical industry is changing how disease treatment is approached and carried on. Biological molecules like recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, etc are used in the treatment of a myriad of diseases. To produce the proteins, certain living organisms are required and it is difficult to optimize them. In simpler words, a proper cell line is required to obtain the required titers of the proteins.

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Collegiate Connections Matter

Eric Leebow, founder of social networking site FreezeCrowd, recognized the need for an online community network focused on the college audience, where everyone has something in common, even before they even get to know each other. Since its launch in 2011, the platform has remained exclusive for college students, graduate scholars, and alumni to help them stay connected in a forum all their own way through photos. The platform is currently only open for those with an educational email address to get in touch with people from their institute or reach out to those at other colleges and universities worldwide who share their interests, either academically, socially, or both.

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Computer Smartphone Online

5 Ways to Cut Expenses with Process Automation

Business process automation is a necessary process to be considered. It is more than a fad and is significant on purpose. It is a simple and cost-effective technique to optimize your business ideas and reduce expenses. Business process automation streamlines every single thing for their employees in specific departments.

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Dr. Anmol S. Kapoor

Meet The Entrepreneurial Doctor Who Is On A Mission To Make Advanced Healthcare Accessible And Affordable To Everyone: The Inspiring Story Of Dr Anmol S. Kapoor

Anmol Kapoor went to Russia to pursue his education in medicine at the age of 19. The lack of reliable medical information and the absence of quality healthcare facilities were the two grave issues he identified that left people hopeless and helpless. Through his attempts to educate people, he became a doctor, which helped him to fill that information gap.

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Galen M. Hair

How Galen M. Hair and Insurance Claim HQ are Helping Clients Recover from Natural Disaster

Having both lived through and served those who lost everything in multiple hurricanes, Galen M. Hair continues to serve his clients and the people who need him most. Additionally, so does his staff at Insurance Claim HQ (ICHQ).

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