T-Mobile Secures $2.67 Billion US Navy Contract for Communication Technology
T-Mobile secures a $2.67 billion contract with the U.S. Navy for advanced communication technologies, supported by its partnership with SpaceX for improved service delivery.
Wise Shares Declines 10% Following Announcement of Lowered Revenue Expectations
Wise's stock plunged 10% after projecting slower revenue growth, expecting a 15-20% income increase for FY ending March 2025, down from 31% last year.
OpenAI Gambles on Apple's No-Payment Deal for ChatGPT Access in iOS 18
Apple's deal to integrate ChatGPT into its devices for iOS18 is reportedly without financial compensation, with OpenAI banking on "exposure" to Apple's consumer base.
Fullerton Health Co-Founders Charged with Corruption and Fraud—But Why Is David Sin Allowed to Leave Singapore?
Singaporean company Fullerton Healthcare faced charges of graft and corruption in bribes by co-founders, but one of them, David Sin, was granted permission to leave the country.
Disney and DeSantis Settle Legal Feud With $17 Billion Florida Resort Expansion
Disney has agreed to invest $17 billion in its Florida resort over the next decade or two under a new deal with a DeSantis-backed board, concluding a lengthy legal dispute.
Trump and Biden Present Contrasting Business Proposals in Dual Outreach Efforts
Trump and Biden made competing pitches to business leaders, with Trump focusing on tax cuts and deregulation, while Biden promoted government support and investments.
Global News Cuts Over Two Dozen Jobs in Canada; Parent Company Blames the Economy
According to its parent company Corus Entertainment, Global News laid off over 24 employees in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario due to economic pressures and regulatory challenges.
Amazon and Vrio to Challenge Starlink with Satellite Internet Launch in South America by 2025
Amazon and Vrio plan to deploy 3,236 low Earth orbit satellites to provide broadband internet to South American countries, directly competing with Elon Musk's Starlink.
Californians Have Until June 30 to Qualify for Faster Student Loan Forgiveness, Lower Payments
Up to 300,000 Californians must apply by June 30 to benefit from a special federal student loan forgiveness program offering faster forgiveness, lower payments.
Texas Man Dead After Being Electrocuted in Mexican Resort Jacuzzi, Wife in Critical Condition
A Texas man died from electrocution and his wife was critically injured while in a jacuzzi at a private resort in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.
US Luxury Travel Firms Report Inadequate Interest in the Upcoming Paris Olympics
Luxury travel companies in the US are reporting low Paris Olympics ticket sales so far.
Brazen Thieves Strike Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Seattle
Thieves in Seattle swiftly target an electric vehicle charging station, snatching copper charging cables as part of a nationwide trend of cable thefts, prompting concerns over security.
Terraform Labs Settles SEC Lawsuit for $4.47 Billion After Investor Loss
Terraform Labs agrees to a $4.47 billion settlement with the SEC for investor asset loss, with co-founder Do Kwon also facing penalties and restrictions following determinations of fraud, impacting th
Japan Enacts Legislation Mandating That Google, Apple Permit Use of Third-Party Apps
Japanese legislation penalizes digital corporations like Google and Apple that don't allow third-party applications and payment systems.
Rapper Iggy Azalea Enters the Crypto World With Her $MOTHER Meme Coin
Rapper Iggy Azalea is venturing into the cryptocurrency world with the launch of her meme coin, Mother Iggy or $MOTHER.
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