UK Economy to Gain $1.27 Billion from Taylor Swift's Record-Breaking Eras Tour

Taylor Swift's Scotland concerts boosted the local economy by $98 million and are projected to add $1.27 billion to the UK economy while setting new attendance records.

G7 Agrees to Give Ukraine $50 Billion Loan Amid War vs. Russia

The leaders of the Group of Seven, the world’s wealthiest nations, have agreed to create a $50 billion loan to help Ukraine in its fight to survive Russia’s onslaught, with interest earned on profits ..

US Luxury Travel Firms Report Inadequate Interest in the Upcoming Paris Olympics

Luxury travel companies in the US are reporting low Paris Olympics ticket sales so far...

[UPDATE] Chinese EV Shares Jump Following EU’s New Import Tariffs

Most Chinese EV manufacturers' stock prices rose on Thursday morning after the EU proposed 38% higher tariffs...

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Volvo to Move EV Production to Belgium From China as EU Prepares to Impose Tariffs on Chinese EVs
Volvo has reportedly started moving production of EVs to Belgium in anticipation of the European Union's impending taxes on China-made cars.
Russia's Vladimir Putin Says Nearly 40% of Russian Trade Turnover Now in Rubles Amid Growing Conflict With West
Russia's President Vladimir Putin has claimed that almost 40% of the country's trade is now transacted in Russian rubles.
McDonald’s Loses ‘Big Mac’ Trademark Dispute to Irish Rival Supermac’s in EU Court
A high EU court sided with Irish fast-food competitor Supermac's over McDonald's in a "Big Mac" trademark dispute.
EU Pays Germany $ 1.9 Billion for LEAG’s Coal Exit
Germany said that the European Commission has agreed to compensate power company LEAG with up to$1.90 billion for deciding to move away from coal by 2038.
Microsoft President Claims Few AI Deepfakes Target EU Elections, But Says They Shouldn't Declare Victory Yet
Microsoft President Brad Smith said that only a few AI deepfakes target EU elections. But this shouldn't be celebrated as a victory yet.
Russia Set to Raise Taxes on Wealthy, Big Corporations to Fund Ukraine War
The finance ministry of Russia has proposed implementing new tax rates for high-income earners and specific industries starting in 2025.
Western Companies Are Finding It Hard to Leave Russia Amid Increasing Kremlin-Imposed Exit Costs
Despite initial pledges to exit Russia following the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, many Western companies, including Avon Products, Air Liquide, and Reckitt, remain in the country.
US, Europe Move Closer to Vaccinating Poultry and Dairy Workers Against Bird Flu
The US and Europe are considering acquiring or producing H5N1 bird flu vaccines to protect poultry and dairy workers.
Alibaba Introduces David Beckham as AliExpress's New Global E-Commerce Brand Ambassador
David Beckham is the global brand ambassador for AliExpress as the e-commerce platform tries to expand internationally.
French Finance Minister, Other G7 Finance Chiefs Warn of Oversaturation of Chinese Goods in Global Market
French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told Bloomberg that the G7 has an issue with China’s economic model, where the country produces more and more cheaper industrial devices, which he claimed could
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