Biden Administration to Impose New Sanctions on Iran for Its Arms Sales That Bolster Russia's Defense Against Ukraine

The Biden administration is reportedly preparing to announce new sanctions on Iran in retaliation for its arms sales that have fortified Russia's defenses amid war with Ukraine.

EU Blacklists North Korea’s Defense Minister, Chinese Firms for First Time in New Sanctions Over Russia's War in Ukraine

The European Union (EU) has agreed to ban exports to three Chinese companies and blacklist North Korea's Defense Minister in new sanctions for the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine...

Elon Musk's Tesla Plans to Expand Gigafactory in Germany Hit a Roadblock — Here's Why Locals Vote It Down

Residents of the Grünheide town in Brandenburg, Germany, have rejected plans by Elon Musk's electric carmaker, Tesla, to expand its factory in the municipality just outside Berlin in a non-binding vot..

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Receives Car From Russia's Vladimir Putin in Another Sign of Warming Ties Between the 2 Countries

North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, has reportedly received a car from Russia's President Vladimir Putin as a personal gift...

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Donald Trump Reacts to Vladimir Putin's Comments That He Prefers Joe Biden Over Him in the White House
Former President Donald Trump has responded on Russia's President Vladimir Putin's remarks that his country would prefer President Joe Biden to win in the 2024 United States presidential election.
Russia's Vladimir Putin Says Russian Scientists Are Close to Creating Cancer Vaccines
Russia's President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that Russian scientists are on the verge of developing vaccines for cancer, which could soon be available to patients.
Microsoft Catches Hackers From Russia, China, North Korea, Iran Using OpenAI Tools to Improve Their Cyberattacks
Microsoft revealed on Wednesday that state-backed hackers from Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran have been using tools provided by its partner OpenAI to enhance their hacking techniques and deceive
Elon Musk Doubted Ukraine's Ability to Win Its War With Russia, Says 'There Is No Way in Hell' Vladimir Putin Could Lose
Tech billionaire Elon Musk has doubted Ukraine's ability to win its war with Russia as he believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not lose the battle.
EU Takes First Step to Use Frozen Assets of Russia to Rebuild Ukraine
The European Union (EU) has taken a significant step to support Ukraine by adopting a law to allocate windfall profits on frozen Russian central bank assets for rebuilding the war-struck country.
Donald Trump Earned Joe Biden, Western Leaders' Ire After Saying He'd Let Russia Attack NATO Countries Not Paying Enough
President Joe Biden and other top Western officials have lambasted former President Donald Trump after he suggested that the US may not protect NATO allies who are not spending enough on defense from
Russia Confirms Vladimir Putin Gave Interview to Controversial US Media Personality Tucker Carlson
Controversial US media personality Tucker Carlson has recently interviewed Russia's President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin confirmed.
Houthi Rebels Fired at 2 Commercial Ships in Red Sea Days After US, UK Hit Dozens of Houthi Targets in Yemen
The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired missiles at two commercial vessels in the Red Sea on Tuesday, the first attacks since the US and UK launched strikes against dozens of Houthi targets in Yemen ov
New EU Biometric Border Checks Prompt Eurostar to Issue Warning About Passenger Caps
According to the station owner HS1, Eurostar may have to limit St. Pancras departures due to biometric border procedures later this year.
EU Seals Massive $54 Billion Aid Deal for Ukraine After Hungary Gave In
The leaders of the 27 European Union (EU) countries agreed on Thursday to give Ukraine a new $54 billion aid package after Hungary gave in not to veto the move.
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