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Meet Kelcy Warren: The CEO Behind Energy Transfer

The answer is anyone who has ever required the services of a hospital, clinic, or urgent care facility. Petrochemicals are necessary ingredients in many of the lifesaving medical equipment and pharmaceuticals Americans use daily. And without them, life would be grim, indeed. Here's what you need to know about Energy Transfer and its Chairman, Kelcy Warren.

AeonCharge: Revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle Charging Industry

AeonCharge is a revolutionary start-up in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, founded with the vision of making electric mobility accessible to everyone. The company has developed a unique an..

The Clean Energy Revolution, Taking The World By Storm

Burning fossil fuels like coal to generate energy has been one of the significant causes of climate change, but the trends are now changing. We are seeing lots of effort to counter the effects of thes..

Blackberry will not Produce Anymore

BlackBerry's fame has come to an end.The Canadian company who introduced us the smartphone had stopped its race without reaching the finishing line...

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Canada Among The Weakest Performers In The Clean Energy Sector In 2015
Global investment in the clean energy sector has been increasing year by year. However, Canada’s clean energy investment has been plunged by 46% in 2015 compared to the previous year. Canadian governm
BC Clean-tech alliance seeks $500-mln fund from Trudeau
B.C. clean-tech companies have requested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to allocate a $500 million venture capital (VC) fund. An alliance comprising 51 clean-tech and investment firms from B.C. provinc
Canadian venture capital at 10-year high
Led by technology sector, venture capital (VC) investments in Canada reached 10 year high in 2015. Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA) said 536 deals in funding for entreprene
1955 Capital Firm Raised $200 Million Fund Targeting China
Former Hong Kong music popstar turned venture capitalist Andrew Chung established his own firm 1955 capital. With a $200 million fund, he expects to bring clean technology to China.
Carl Icahn Slashed Shares, While Tiger Global Acquire $10.6 Million Shares in Apple
Carl Icahn reduced his shares in Apple by $7 million, along with other big hedge funds. Meanwhile, Tiger Global Management acquire more shares in the Cupertino-based company.
Disclosure Of Fourth Quarter Earnings Slashes SolarCity Stock Prices By 33.59%
SolarCity Corp. has been displaying a tremendous growth during the last couple of years. The largest solar plant provider in the US has disclosed fourth quarter earnings during late hours on Tuesday.
Intelligent Energy Develops Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology That Could Expand Battery Life to a Week
The British company formed a partnership worth $7.6 million to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology for smartphones. The technology would create a need to modify the hardware of the smartphone to man
Audi And Mercedes Are The Latest To Caught By Hydrogen Fuel Cell Fever
Audi and Mercedes Benz, world famous German automakers have joined to express their interest for hydrogen fuel powered cell cars. Remaining one step ahead of Mercedes, Audi has already introduced its
NASA Concludes Its Hybrid Plane Research Successfully
Researchers in NASA is moving one step further to introduce a hybrid airplane technology in concluding its ERA project. The airplane will be able to fly on both fossil fuel and electricity, similar to
Edenworks greenhouse rooftop yields cheaper and healthier produce
It was 2013 when Jason Green, Matt La Rosa and Ben Silverman built Edenworks by hand, an aquaponic greenhouse designed to grow herbs on your rooftop.
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