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Apple Announces Free Device Recycling From 23 iPhone Models and New Recycling Robots Ahead of Earth Day

Apple launched an advanced Earth Day campaign, urging customers to recycle their devices for free through its recycling partners and releasing its "Recycling Robots" that can salvage materials from 23 iPhone models.

Tackling Litter Woes: How Litter Genie® Eases the Challenges for Multi-Cat Households

In this article, we'll delve into the common litter disposal problems faced by cat owners with multiple feline friends and explore how solutions like the Litter Genie® XL+ cat waste disposal system ca..

US Banks to Increase Loans to Oil and Gas Companies as Europeans Reduce Theirs Over Climate Change Concerns

U.S. regional banks are filling the lending gap for oil, gas, and coal companies left by European lenders amid climate concerns, with banks like Citizens Financial Group Inc., BOK Financial Corp., and..

Biden-Backed EPA Rule Requires 200 US Chemical Plants to Cut Cancer-Causing Emissions

The EPA's new rule, supported by President Biden, mandates over 200 chemical plants to cut cancer-causing emissions, prioritizing environmental justice, particularly in communities near New Orleans...

Latest News

Biden Admin Unveils Final Tailpipe Pollution Rules, Slowing EV Transition Until 2030
Biden admin adjusts EV targets to 35%, balancing industry concerns. EPA's new rules ease the transition, aiming for 50% emissions cut by 2032 amidst environmental and economic considerations
Tesla Cybertruck Production at Giga Texas Hits Milestone of 1,000 4680 Battery Cells Weekly
Tesla achieves milestones at Gigafactory Texas, producing 1,000 Cybertrucks worth of 4680 battery cells weekly, marking significant progress in meeting demand.
South Korea Announces $313 Billion Funding for Projects to Fight Climate Change
South Korea has committed to providing 420 trillion won ($313.4 billion) in policy loans to finance projects that will help the country meet its climate goals.
Cybertrucks Are Very Eye-Catching, Tesla Is Using it as Marketing Tools
Tesla leverages Cybertruck's attention-grabbing design to boost Model Y and other sales.
Evolve Renewable Materials Inc: Pioneering Green Technology in Battery Recycling
In order to significantly reduce the demand for new lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese and minimize waste and unsafe disposal, efficient recycling of end-of-life vehicle batteries is essential. Ef
Meet the Team Behind NeptuneChain's Mission to "Clean Up Our Planet's Waters"
NeptuneChain, founded by Jacques Jean, is at the forefront of revolutionizing how we address nutrient pollution and other contaminants in our planet's waters. With a vision of interconnected nutrient
Stellantis Partners With Ayvens to Sell 500,000 Cars in Europe, Promoting Sustainable Transportation
Stellantis signed a multi-billion-euro framework arrangement with Ayvens to sell 500,000 automobiles in Europe over three years.
Type One Energy to Transform Tennessee Coal Plant Into a Fusion Reactor
Type One Energy has unveiled its plan to repurpose the retired Bull Run Fossil Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, into a prototype fusion reactor site.
New Wind Farm in Oklahoma to Power Thousands of Homes
Oklahoma will bear witness to a new wind farm that will supply around 40,000 households with clean energy.
China's Xiaomi, Tesla's New Rival, Unveils Its First EV as It Aims to Be One of the World's Top 5 Automakers
Chinese tech giant Xiaomi unveiled its first EV model, the SU7, on Thursday, when it detailed plans to enter the competitive electric vehicle (EV) market.
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