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The Genetic Blueprint of Happiness: Chief Joy Officer Loka Pandya Uncovers the Influence of the Happiness Genes

Is happiness in our genes? Can our genetic makeup determine our level of happiness? These intriguing questions have been the subject of much scientific inquiry. Loka Pandya, the proclaimed Chief Joy Officer, delves into the fascinating world of happiness genes, shedding light on their influence on our emotional well-being.

IO Biotech Gets $75 Million Financing for Cancer Vaccine Development

Vivo Capital, Armistice Capital, and others are pumping money into IO Biotech to fund cancer vaccines based on its T-win tech platform...

The Digital Revolution in Hospitals: Srikar Sam Yeruva’s Solution to Hospital’s Lost Assets

But what happens when these assets go missing? That's a question that serial entrepreneur and IT expert Srikar Sam Yeruva is looking to answer through Pycube Inc...

Helping Gen Z Navigate the Psychological Highs and Lows with Resilience - evrmore Is Here to Change the Game in the Mental Wellness Industry

Fortunately, experts and empaths like Dr. Natanya Wachtel work day and night to help frustrated teens figure out the best way to deal with their mental health problems. Whereas many adults frown at or..

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BYLT Sports Drinks: A Natural Hydration Solution for Pregnant Women
Hydration helps us all, regardless of our physical condition or how hot or cold the weather may be. However, hydration can be especially important for those who are pregnant or nursing. Drinking water
Rejuvenating Fertility Center’s Medical Director Dr. Zaher Merhi on Acupuncture & Fertility
Northeast fertility clinic Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) is one of the few fertility centers in the world that offers a host of natural and holistic options when it comes to in vitro fertilizati
What Is Pre-Therapy And Why You Should Know About It
In the mental health field, we often think about treatment after someone has already reached a state of crisis, developed a mental illness, or has been given a diagnosis. But what if we could prevent
Parallel Health: Paving the Way to Better Skin with Microbiome Science
Parallel Health, a skin telehealth company powered by microbiome science and genomics dedicated to clean, skin health, has recently come up with effective and innovative solutions for unique skin type
FMV Expert Chris David of HVG on Regulatory Compliance Risk: the Effect on Private Healthcare Deals
The healthcare industry is built on a complex web of laws and regulations designed to protect patients. However, some believe private investors' role in the healthcare industry is misplaced because it
A Guide to Maintaining Digital Security in Times of COVID-19
Working remotely has become the norm since the advent of the coronavirus has resulted in a lockdown. But this trend in business operations shows no sign of letting up once the lockdown has ended.
The Future of Healthcare, A Case Study With WELL Health
COVID-19 has had devastating impacts, shifting the landscape and operation methods of many industries.
First Things First: Starting Your Podiatry Practice With Weave
After three years of residency, you are now ready to practice on the right foot as a podiatrist. And so you'll want to open up your clinic. You might be racking your brain on how to get started. How t
Pros and Cons of Using Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
You can place it on your wrist and take it off whenever you like. And its dimensions are taken each second it is working.
Expert Trader Samuel Leach: Investment in Mental Health Treatments Critical to Meet the Growing Crisis
Stock and Forex Trader Samuel Leach from Samuel and Co Trading, recognised as one of Yahoo Finance's Top Traders To Follow in 2020, ranked 7th in the Fintech Disruptor Awards (2020) and the subject of
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