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New York's Legal Marijuana Industry Hits New High, Reaches Over 100 Licensed Shops Across Empire State

New York cannabis regulators are celebrating a significant milestone for reaching over 100 licensed stores across the state.

Moderna Pauses Kenya Plant Plan After Losing $1 Billion as COVID-19 Vaccine Demand Slumps

Moderna announced on Thursday that it has decided to halt its plans to construct a vaccine manufacturing facility in Kenya due to a decrease in demand for COVID-19 vaccines after the pandemic...

Navigating the Stress Monitoring Market: How MoNoA Stands Out

From the pressures of work deadlines to the demands of personal relationships, stress can manifest in various forms and impact our physical and mental well-being. However, despite its prevalence, unde..

Google and Bayer Team Up to Make AI Tool That Helps Doctors Spot Medical Issues Faster

Google Cloud and German healthcare giant, Bayer are working together to make an AI-powered radiology platform to improve and speed up diagnostic efficiency and alleviate challenges faced by radiologis..

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Meet Dr. Jerry Beinhauer: Improving Access and Enhancing Care with Apaly Health
Recognizing these systemic flaws, Dr. Jerry Beinhauer, founder and CEO of Apaly Health, embarked on a mission to empower individuals, employers, and healthcare providers alike, fostering a healthcare
Nestle and Danone not Threatened by Weight Loss Drugs as They Eye Production of Nutritional Products
Danone's CEO dismisses worries over weight loss drugs and sees potential for healthier food demand, with analysts suggesting Danone and Nestle as favorable investments.
Wear-Tech's MAHI, Safeguarding Our Loved Ones with High-Tech Solutions and User Simplicity
The well-being of our loved ones often weighs heavy on our minds. For our vulnerable children and aging parents, we often feel helpless to protect them. Almost 40,000 adults aged 65 and up died in 202
FDA Approves First AI-Powered Sepsis Diagnosis Tool by Prenosis
The FDA's authorization of Prenosis' AI-powered sepsis diagnostic software offers a promising solution in identifying sepsis early, potentially saving lives amidst the condition's high mortality rates
South Korea President Calls on Doctors to Resolve Dispute Over Medical School Expansion: ‘We Can Discuss It'
South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said his administration is willing to negotiate with physicians who oppose his proposal to increase medical school enrollment.
Walmart Set to Open First Health Center in Texas, Plans for 22 New Locations in 2024
Walmart is set to expand its healthcare services across the United States, doubling the number of its doctor-staffed health clinics by the end of the year and opening its first facility in Texas next
Redefining Vision Care: EyeQue's Product Suite Leads the Market Change and Improves Accessibility
EyeQue, inspired by the late Zenni founder Tibor Laczay and led by CEO John A. Serri along with his strong and innovative leadership team, including COO Nicole Skibinski, CTO Noam Sapiens, CFO Kathy C
Four Deaths May Be Linked to Dietary Supplements Made by Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical: Report
Four fatalities and over 100 hospitalizations may have been caused by nutritional supplements from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
Winrevair: Merck’s Drug for Rare, Deadly Lung Condition Gets FDA Approval
Merck has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its new drug, Winrevair, designed to treat a rare and deadly lung condition.
South Korea’s Senior Doctors to Resign in Protest Over Medical School Expansion
As the physicians' strike in South Korea grows, medical professors and doctors warn they will cut their hours or quit.
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