Justin Bieber Performs at Indian Billionaire’s Pre-Wedding Event for Whopping $10 Million

Justin Bieber earned $10 million for a private performance at an Ambani-Merchant's pre-wedding party in India.

Redbox DVD Rental Business Officially Shutting Down as Parent Firm Faces Bankruptcy Liquidation

Redbox's DVD rental kiosks shut down permanently after parent firm Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment changed its Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition to Chapter 7 liquidation...

Epic Games Vows to Dispute Apple's User Interface Change Demand

Epic Games has announced its intention to challenge Apple's demand regarding changes to its user interface...

Criminals Are Stealing Billions From Music Industry Through Fake Streams: Report

Criminal groups are siphoning billions of dollars annually from the music industry through fraudulent streaming activities, according to a streaming technology firm...

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ShowPlace Icon Theater Closes After 15 Years
The ShowPlace Icon Theater in Chicago closed down at the end of its last day of business on June 30.
RedBox Owner Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Files for Bankruptcy, Reporting $970 Million Debt
Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, disclosing $970 million in debt.
Hollywood Workers Union Secures Wage Hike, AI Protections in New Three-Year Deal With Top Studios
The Hollywood film and television crew union has reached a tentative three-year agreement with top studios.
Disney May Come Under Antitrust Fire for Owning Hulu, ESPN, Court Ruling Reveals
US District Court judge Edward J. Davila partially denied Disney’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by 25 subscribers to YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream.
Amazon Partners with Megan Thee Stallion to Promote 2024 Prime Day
Amazon revealed that it would be partnering with American hip-hop star Megan Thee Stallion to promote its 10th annual Prime Day event on July 16-17.
Netflix to Open 2 Massive Entertainment Venues That Will Offer Events, Shops Themed to Its Famous Shows
Netflix is set to open two enormous entertainment venues in the United States next year.
FromSoftware President Says No to Mass Layoffs, Opts for Employee Support Instead
Elden Ring creator, FromSoftware, and president Hidetaka Miyazaki assures no mass layoffs under his leadership, citing job security's role in game quality.
Microsoft's Xbox Marketing Head to Leave the Company to Join Roblox
.Jerret West, Microsoft's Xbox marketing chief, is leaving the firm to join Roblox.
GameStop Raises More Than $2 Billion After ‘Roaring Kitty’ Stock Rally
GameStop has announced that it raised about $2.14 billion in its second share offering in a month.
Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Sells Home for $60.8 Million as Divorce Rumors Spread
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are quietly selling their $60.8 million home after rumors of their divorce spread in Hollywood.
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