Slovak Media Fears Government Crackdown After PM Assassination Attempt

Slovak journalists are concerned that the assassination attempt on Prime Minister Robert Fico would result in a renewed push for a proposal replacing the country’s public broadcaster RTVS.

Facebook, Instagram Face EU Probe Over Suspicions of Failing to Impose Child Protection Policies

The European Union is investigating Facebook and Instagram under concerns of insufficient child protection measures, with Meta facing scrutiny regarding compliance with digital regulations, particular..

Russia's Vladimir Putin Visits China's Xi Jinping to Strengthen Economic, Political Ties Amid US Global Dominance

Russia's President Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing on Thursday for a two-day state visit that will include talks with China's President Xi Jinping to deepen the strategic partnership between the two..

US Sanctions Russian Businessman, 3 Companies Involved in Scheme to Evade Sanctions Tied to Russia's Metals Tycoon

The US has imposed sanctions against a Russian businessman, and three companies based in Russia allegedly used in a scheme to evade US sanctions connected to Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska...

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Donald Trump Meets With UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, Who Is Pressing GOP-Controlled House to Unlock Money for Ukraine
Donald Trump met on Monday with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron for dinner at the former president's Florida residence, where they talked about the Ukraine war and NATO spending.
Russia, China Agree to Boost Economic and Security Ties to Counter US Dominance in Europe and Asia
Russia and China have announced plans to deepen their security cooperation in Asia and Europe to counter the US' attempts to exert dominance on these regions.
Spain Axes 'Golden Visa' Program Granting Residency to Wealthy Non-EU Citizens After Large Investments in Real Estate
Spain announced its intention to eliminate the program known as "golden visas," which grants residency permits to wealthy people from non-European Union countries who invest in real estate.
Russia Seeks Emergency Gasoline Supply From Kazakhstan as Ukraine Aims Drones at Oil Refineries: Report
Russia is reportedly considering Kazakhstan as a potential source of gasoline in the event of shortages aggravated by Ukrainian drone attacks on oil refineries.
Norway Labor Unions Successfully Negotiated a 5.2% Wage Increase, Avoiding Major Strike
Labor unions and employers in Norway have successfully negotiated a 5.2% wage increase.
Dutch Government Set to Comply With US Demands on Chip Exports to China
The Dutch government is reportedly set to comply with the US demand to tighten restrictions on semiconductor-related exports to China.
Ukrainians Can Now File Online Compensation Claims as Register Opens of Damage to Homes Caused by Russia's Invasion
Ukrainians can now start filing claims for damage to their homes as a result of Russia's invasion at a newly established register that opened Tuesday.
HSBC Is Considering Selling Some Business Units in Germany to Focus on Asia as It Further Exits From Europe
HSBC is reportedly considering selling various business units in Germany.
Russia Could Turn Against Vladimir Putin as Economic Strength Wanes and Western Sanctions Heighten, Economists Warn
Economists warned that Russia's economic strength could likely wane this year, with Russian President Vladimir Putin likely to lose support if Western sanctions make life more difficult for Russians.
Scotland's Billionaire Brothers Criticize SNP/Greens, Warn Against Taxpayer Dependency
Scotland's billionaire brothers, Sandy and James Easdale, have criticized the SNP/Greens coalition.
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