South/Central America

Brazil's Top Soybean Hub Mayor Courts Cargill and COFCO for Grain Crushing Boost

The mayor of Sorriso, Brazil's leading soybean producer, plans to attract investments for the local grain crushing industry, highlighting the region's global agricultural potential and promoting the establishment of new crushers.

China, Nicaragua New Free Trade Agreement Begins

China and Nicaragua have initiated trading under a newly established free trade agreement, which formally started on Monday...

Shipping Giants Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd Begin Rerouting Ships to Avoid Red Sea as Houthi Attacks Increase

Following a series of attacks on ships in the Red Sea by Iranian-backed Houthi militants, shipping giants Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd have rerouted their vessels, opting for the longer Cape of Good Hope ro..

Argentina Devalues Its Currency by 50% as Part of Shock Economic Measures

Argentina has announced a sharp devaluation of its currency, the Argentine peso, which will be devalued by 50%...

Latest News

Estimate Analysis
The RFC will be reporting its next earning early next year.
Wet and Dry Regions
Researches confirms that under the influence of glabal warming. Researchers said that as the temperature rises the wet regions get wetter and dry regions getting drier.
Economic Fund Awarded
The Capital Region had been awarded $83.1 milion for the economic development projects.
RF Target price
The RF had already received a recommendation of hold. The average target price for a year is now $11.44
Investmen of British Columbian Region
The British Columbian Investment management corp had alreay increased its stake in investin in Regions Financial Corp.
Regions Fnancial Corp. Pice Target Increased by Deutsche Bank AG
Research says that the price target of RFC had gone higher thank the usual by the Deutsche Bank.
State, Provinces & Regions To Materialize Pledges For Global Warming Advocacy
The worldwide pledge to conquer climate change is being materialized.
More Than 30 Regions Can Now Avail Apple's Music Student Membership
Apple Music student membership is now available to some additional areas in the world.
Oil and Gas Production Regions.
The Oklahoma Geological Survey said that market conditions have cutbacks from oil and natural gas production.
Regions Financial Sold Shares
Traders had already sold shares of Regions Financial Corp.
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