After Vladimir Putin Meets Xi Jinping, Russia and China Establish Payment Alternatives to Evade US Sanctions for Now

Russia's President Vladimir Putin's visit to China last month reportedly secured alternative payment methods for the two nations.

Russian Hackers Demand $50 Million Ransom After NHS Hospital Cyberattack

Following a cyberattack on Synnovis that disrupted NHS hospitals, Russian hacker group Qilin has demanded a $50 million ransom while threatening to release stolen data obtained during the breach...

Italy Arrests Russian Businessman Accused of Helping Son of Putin Ally Escape From House Arrest

Italian authorities have arrested a Russian businessman accused of assisting the son of a Putin ally in escaping house arrest in Italy...

Germany Urges China to Make 'Serious' Move on Issue of EV Tariffs

Germany is urging China to take decisive steps regarding tariffs on imported electric vehicles (EVs)...

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BBC Is Eyeing More Commercial Deals Ahead of Potential Expiration of Its License Fee
The BBC is looking to enter into more commercial partnerships ahead of the potential expiration of its license fee.
Russia Launches Combined Drone and Missile Strikes in Its Most Devastating Attacks Against Ukraine’s Electric Sector
In what Kyiv described as the most devastating attacks against its energy infrastructure in two years of war, Russia pounded electrical power facilities in much of Ukraine on Friday.
UK Inflation Rate Drops to 3.4% in February — Its Lowest Level Since September 2021
UK's inflation rate fell to 3.4% in February, its lowest level since September 2021.
Swiss Banking Giant UBS Intends to Broaden Business Footprint in the US
Swiss banking giant UBS intends to seek merger and acquisition opportunities in the United States in the years ahead.
EQT Plans to Divest 20% Stake in Ottobock to Its Existing Major Shareholders
Swedish global investment company EQT will return 20% of Ottobock's investment to its significant shareholders.
Russia's Vladimir Putin Is Eyeing Big Tax Increases After Election to Fund the Country's War in Ukraine
Russia's President Vladimir Putin could decide to increase taxes after this month's election to fund the country's war in Ukraine.
The Body Shop Ceases US Operations, Plans to Close Dozens of Stores in UK and Canada Amid Deepening Financial Woes
The Body Shop has ceased operations in the US and is closing dozens of stores in Canada and the UK amid deepening financial troubles.
Volkswagen Shifts Strategy: Main Factory Will No Longer Produce ID.3 Electric Models
Volkswagen in Germany is shifting its production of the electric ID 3 to Zwickau plant due to low demand, focusing on optimizing resources and simplifying resources.
Apple Backs Down on EU Ban for Epic Games, Clearing the Way to Bring 'Fortnite' Back to iPhones in Europe
Apple has reversed its decision to ban Epic Games on its iOS app store in Europe.
Is Starlink Being Used in Russia? US Lawmakers Demand Answers From SpaceX
US lawmakers are now scrutinizing the claims that SpaceX's Starlink service is being used in Russia.
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