Joao Vale e Azevedo: Energy Crisis Presents Threat to Economy in 2022

As the pandemic ceases and new variants have their mortality rate tackled by vaccination, the United Kingdom starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sustainability For Startups - Smart Strategies To Get You There

Starting up a new business takes a lot of work- you need to gather funds, hire resources, get an office-ready, and plan operations...

Boris Ivanov on the Future of Oil and Gas Financing in Africa

This article discusses Boris Ivanov's opinion on the future of financing for the oil and gas industry in Africa...

Renewable Energy Sector Stays Positive Despite Trump’s Policy Outlook

Amid the incoming Trump administration's policy outlook, the renewable energy sector remains optimistic that the renewable companies would not be killed...

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The U.S. Justice Department Sued ValueAct for Violating Disclosure Rule
Department of Justice filed lawsuit against ValueAct Capital last week, related to Halliburton and Baker Hughes merger. Meanwhile, ValueAct on Monday claimed no wrongdoing and will defend its position
Chinese trade data fuels global stock markets profit
Stocks in the US had a higher opening on Wall Street on the optimistic thought of additional Chinese economic incentive. Global stocks improved after a series of decline in a year, helped by Chinese t
Peabody Officially Files for Bankruptcy Protection
Peabody just filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday after it announced its situation the previous weeks. Assets in Mexico and Colorado will no longer be sold as buyer was not able to complete th
Energy stocks propels Wall Street profits following oil price rally
Wall Street ended higher on Tuesday trading session as energy stocks rallied helped by increasing crude prices. The US crude prices reached its new height in 2016.
EU Resumed Investigation on Halliburton and Baker Hughes Deal
European Union antitrust regulator resumed its review on the takeover of Baker Hughes by Halliburton. European Commission plan to reach decision in August whether to approve or veto the deal.
Fitch Degraded Saudi Arabia From AA to AA-
Saudi Arabia just got a negative rating from Fitch, from AA to AA-. The downgrade is due to the oil-rich kingdom's decision to slash its average oil price assumptions from $35 to $45 a barrel for 2016
PetroChina Reported $162 Billion Liability As Oil Price Continues to Plunge
China's oil giant reported a 67% drop in profit. PetroChina reported its worst profit in 15 years which brought liability to $162 billion.
LNG price continues to fall amid oversupply from producers
LNG supporters are worried about the continuous fall in the industry amid oil price recovery. Liquefied natural gas prices continue its downhill slide despite a 50% surge in Brent oil prices.
Exxon Mobil to shell out $10.75mln to New York over oil spill cleanup costs
Exxon Mobil Corp will pay $10.75 million to New York State reimbursing costs on oil spill cleanup. The payment will cover New York Environmental Protection and Spill Compensation fund's costs.
Major Oil Companies Fund Nigeria's $200 Million Fuel Imports
Nigeria is suffering from fuel shortages as well as lack of hard currency. Four major oil companies agreed to finance the country’s $200 million fuel import along with the lack of the dollars to susta
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