Marathon Oil Hit With $241.5 Million Penalty for Oil and Gas Pollution

Marathon Oil was fined $241.5 million for air quality violations at its Fort Berthold Indian Reservation oil and gas plants.

Texas Oil Industry Resumes Operation After Hurricane Beryl's Power Disruptions

Texas Oil and gas operations will resume operations following Hurricane Beryl's widespread power outages to almost 2.3 million Texans...

French Energy Giant EDF Backs Out of Bid Race to Build UK’s Mini-Nuke Reactors

EDF, France’s state energy company, has appeared to pull out of the bidding race to build mini-nuclear reactors in the United Kingdom, saying that it was refining its small modular reactor design...

POLYN Technology Paves the Way for Smart Tire Advancements

Efforts to integrate effective vibration sensors into smart tires have faced challenges related to energy consumption and practicality. Current sensors consume too much energy, leading to frequent bat..

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Joe Biden Administration Can’t Pause New LNG Export Approvals, Judge Rules
A federal judge in Louisiana has blocked the administration of President Joe Biden from pausing the approvals of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export applications.
Omega Power: Leading the Charge in Safer, Higher Energy Density American-Made Batteries for Domestic OEMs
Omega Power Batteries Corp., a lithium-ion battery startup, is on a mission to revolutionize the American energy landscape and make its initial impact in the underserved but very profitable product ap
Texas Grid Prepares for Highest-Ever Power Demand Due to Summer Heat Wave
High temperatures in Texas are expected to drive high electricity demand this summer, with the state's grid operator forecasting record-breaking usage in June and July.
US Skilled Labor Shortage, Rising Construction Costs Threaten to Derail New LNG Projects
Some new liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in the US Gulf Coast are experiencing delays due to a shortage of skilled labor.
Oil Prices Rise Above Expectations Following Economic Recovery and Drop in US Crude Stockpiles
Oil prices surged on Thursday, June 20, driven by a rally in equity markets and a decline in US crude stockpiles, reaching $75 per barrel for Brent crude and $72 per barrel for West Texas Intermediate
Dutton's Nuclear Power Ambitions Criticized for Potential Taxpayer Burden
Peter Dutton's plan to introduce nuclear power across Australia met with strong resistance due to potential taxpayer burden, with critics citing similar international ventures costing billions.
Ecuador Hit by Nationwide Power Blackout
A power blackout affected the whole of Ecuador on June 19, 2024, which left the whole country and its 18 million people without power.
Breaking Down Solar Energy Barriers and Filling Market Gaps: YouSolar's Nanogrid Solution
By providing reliable energy storage, affordability, and grid independence, YouSolar's state-of-the-art approach enhances the accessibility and reliability of solar power solutions. How does YouSolar
US Senate Approves Bill to Boost Nuclear Energy Development and Deployment
The US Senate has approved a bill to speed up the deployment of nuclear energy capacity.
Naieel Technology: Developing Essential Nanomaterials to Fuel Fundamental Advancements in AI, Batteries, and Beyond
Without advancements in nanomaterial production, the potential for progress and benefits across various industries is limited, thereby resulting in reduced innovation in materials science, slower adva
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