Biden Administration Permits Over 25GW of Clean Energy on Public Lands, Surpassing 2025 Renewable Energy Goal

This milestone aligns with President Biden's goal to make the US power grid carbon pollution-free by 2035, a key initiative in combating climate change and securing energy resources.

Russia Destroys Ukraine's Largest Power Plant After Launching Widespread Attacks on Energy Grid

A devastating series of Russia's overnight strikes has left the Trypilska thermal power plant in ruins, dealing a severe blow to Ukraine...

Oklahoma Claims Natural Gas Firms Cut Supplies to Raise Prices During Winter Storm Uri: Lawsuit

Oklahoma sued two Texas natural gas companies for purposefully reducing gas supply during Winter Storm Uri in 2021, raising prices and making huge profits...

Biden Admin Unveils Final Tailpipe Pollution Rules, Slowing EV Transition Until 2030

Biden admin adjusts EV targets to 35%, balancing industry concerns. EPA's new rules ease the transition, aiming for 50% emissions cut by 2032 amidst environmental and economic considerations..

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Oil Prices Surge 2% as Fed Hints at Interest Rate Cuts
Oil prices surged 2% post-Fed Chair Powell's hints at rate cuts. WTI crude reached $79.73/barrel, reflecting monetary policy's impact on commodity markets.
Russia and China Are Planning to Build a Nuclear Power Plant on the Moon
Russia and China are planning to build a nuclear power plant on the moon by 2035.
Oil Prices Continue to Fall as Dollar Strengthens, Inflation Fears Grow
Oil prices fell further as the dollar rose on market predictions that inflation will delay US interest rate reductions that have limited global fuel demand growth.
Second Donald Trump Presidency: What It Could Mean for US Energy Policy
If former President Donald Trump returns to office again, he will reportedly embark on a course to reverse many of the initiatives undertaken by the Biden administration in combating climate change.
Qatar Notifies European Clients of Delays in LNG Shipping Amid Red Sea Row
Qatar, one of the world's top LNG producers, is delaying some deliveries to Europe due to the Red Sea crisis.
Russia's Sokol Oil Delivery to India Faces Delay: Here's Why
The delivery of Russian Sokol grade crude oil to the Indian Oil Corp has faced a delay.
US Buys 3 Million Barrels of Oil to Replenish Strategic Reserve
The United States has successfully finalized contracts to buy three million barrels of oil to help replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) following last year's record-setting sale, the US Dep
Oil Giant BP Pauses All Tanker Transits Through Red Sea Due to Houthi Attack Fears
Oil giant British Petroleum (BP) has temporarily halted all its tanker transits via the Red Sea after attacks on ships by Iranian-backed Houthi militants based in Yemen escalated.
Italy's Bet on Mozambique's Natural Gas: Can Meloni Repeat Last Century's Success?
It seems that Europe has secured its natural gas stocks for this winter, says the International Energy Agency. However, undersupply risks remain in the long term, and that's why the European Union cou
Joao Vale e Azevedo: Energy Crisis Presents Threat to Economy in 2022
As the pandemic ceases and new variants have their mortality rate tackled by vaccination, the United Kingdom starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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