San Francisco Proposes New Regulation for Grocery Stores to Give Ample Notice Before Shutting

A lawmaker's proposal would require San Francisco grocery stores to provide six months' notice before closing and to look for a replacement supermarket.

Universal Music Group Announces Job Cuts After TikTok Deal Talks Fail

Universal Music Group (UMG) announced Wednesday that it would reduce its workforce and streamline operations to save €250 million ($27 million) by 2026...

Polymetal International Sells Its Russian Assets to Siberian Gold Miner for Nearly $3.7 Billion

Polymetal International announced on Monday that it agreed to sell its Russian assets to a Siberian gold miner for approximately $3.7 billion...

Italy Formally Withdraws From Belt and Road Agreement With China

Italy has officially informed China that it is withdrawing from the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), marking a significant shift in its international economic alliances...

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