Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Youssef Al Shelash and Industry Execs on the Future of Saudi’s Hospitality Market

As the chairman of Dar Al Arkan, Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash oversees a company fueled by talent, powered by technology, and enriched by value. "The construction industry has seen a significant increase in commodity and essential materials prices over the last 24 months. We are forecasting moderate growth in costs in the next 12 months," stated Dar Al Arkan. However, that isn't slowing down business growth for Al Shelash.

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Three People Sitting Beside Table

Founder of Globetrotters, Niranjan Shah, on His Background, Success Story, and Philosophy of Getting Ahead

Niranjan Shah is a well-known businessman in Chicago, and the founder of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. His life has been an epic journey since his childhood in a small village in India. See how he managed to climb one success at a time.

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Dollar Coin

3 Scenarios Lear Capital Founder Kevin DeMeritt Says Precious Metals Could Protect Against

While political and economic uncertainty can negatively affect some assets' returns, precious metals like silver and gold tend to perform more evenly during challenging times - offering a number of possible advantages, according to Kevin DeMeritt, founder and chairman of Los Angeles-based gold and precious metals firm Lear Capital.

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Amer Deeba

Amer Deeba on Cybersecurity and His New Company Normalyze

Amer Deeba is a senior executive working in Silicon Valley. He has worked with tech giants and startups. Deeba started his career as a software engineer and later pivoted towards the business side of IT, focusing on go-to-market strategies, packaging products, and facilitating company growth.

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Collegiate Connections Matter

Eric Leebow, founder of social networking site FreezeCrowd, recognized the need for an online community network focused on the college audience, where everyone has something in common, even before they even get to know each other. Since its launch in 2011, the platform has remained exclusive for college students, graduate scholars, and alumni to help them stay connected in a forum all their own way through photos. The platform is currently only open for those with an educational email address to get in touch with people from their institute or reach out to those at other colleges and universities worldwide who share their interests, either academically, socially, or both.

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Dr. Anmol S. Kapoor

Meet The Entrepreneurial Doctor Who Is On A Mission To Make Advanced Healthcare Accessible And Affordable To Everyone: The Inspiring Story Of Dr Anmol S. Kapoor

Anmol Kapoor went to Russia to pursue his education in medicine at the age of 19. The lack of reliable medical information and the absence of quality healthcare facilities were the two grave issues he identified that left people hopeless and helpless. Through his attempts to educate people, he became a doctor, which helped him to fill that information gap.

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Galen M. Hair

How Galen M. Hair and Insurance Claim HQ are Helping Clients Recover from Natural Disaster

Having both lived through and served those who lost everything in multiple hurricanes, Galen M. Hair continues to serve his clients and the people who need him most. Additionally, so does his staff at Insurance Claim HQ (ICHQ).

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Kelly Kubicek

No Soft Leaders: Why HR Consulting CEO Kelly Kubicek is Encouraging Managers to Toughen Up

Just because a team leader is friendly doesn't mean they are a good boss. In fact, an overly friendly manager might actually hurt their organization more than help it. It's time to stop creating soft leaders in the workplace, according to Fulcrum HR Consulting CEO Kelly Kubicek.

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White and Brown Rv Trailer Near Green Trees

From an RV Park to 10 Acres of Land: The Tale of Jaden Garza of Nomad Internet

Jaden Garza started Nomad Internet the way that many entrepreneurs do: he spotted a problem and decided to act. With so many people online today, it can slip the general public's mind that access remains a problem for many. It's a rarity for people to have problems streaming Netflix in Austin, but it's a way of life for people in rural areas of Texas.

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Dania Douaidari

Dania D Designs Blends Middle Eastern Methods with Modern Innovation

The interior designing industry has grown tenfold in the past decade. Previously, people believed hiring a designer was money down the drain. Designers were commonly hired for organisation designing, office designing, showrooms, etc. But with recent advancements and progressive thinking, there's a shift in how interior design is perceived.

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Jamie Trusheim

DRINK WATR Founder Anthony Bold Establishes Bevtech As a New Market Category

The all-encompassing reach of modern technology has accelerated the development of nearly every major market vertical in a notoriously short span of time. The very first record of bottled water ever invented dates back to 1622 when the demand for such a commodity reached a peak in the United Kingdom.

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Brian Sheth

Brian Sheth's Private Equity Firm Enlists Microsoft's Former Sustainability Chief

Lucas Joppa is joining Haveli Investments, a private equity firm founded and owned by billionaire philanthropist Brian Sheth.

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Reno Davis

Entrepreneur Reno Davis Talks Career, Clothes, and Giving Back to Community

One entrepreneur who figured out both style and success is real estate entrepreneur Reno Davis. He's known not only for his rapid rise in Miami's bustling real estate market but also for his impeccable fashion sense that has taken social media by storm.

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Dr. Chau Ong

Dr. Chau BnB Shares His Insights on Living the "NEW American Dream"

Dr. Chau Ong, aka Dr. Chau BnB, thought the American dream meant getting a good education to secure a high-paying job. His college dossier is impressive as it includes an MBA and Ph.D. in pharmacy. He calls this formidable education "8 years of sacrifice" to achieve the American Dream.

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Austin Cedeno

How Self-Made Real Estate Developer & Angel Investor Austin Cedeno Deals with Stress

It goes without saying that this powerhouse real estate mogul, angel investor, landlord, and e-commerce entrepreneur has a lot on his plate. As a self-made businessman, Austin Cedeno knows firsthand what it takes to make it to the top on your own, largely through trial and error.

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