Ryanair Reports 34% Increase in Net Profit

Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair said that their net profit rose to $2.09 billion or 34%, making it its best-ever financial performance.

Tesla Offers Unofficial Discounts to European Leasing Companies Amid Price Cut Fallout

Tesla is making efforts to address concerns raised by European leasing companies due to multiple retail price cuts and delays in service...

UK to Put Up Office in San Francisco to Address AI Risks

The UK is intensifying its efforts to assess and address AI risks by opening a new office in San Francisco...

Slovak Media Fears Government Crackdown After PM Assassination Attempt

Slovak journalists are concerned that the assassination attempt on Prime Minister Robert Fico would result in a renewed push for a proposal replacing the country’s public broadcaster RTVS...

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Finnish Passenger Jets Forced to Turn Around After Navigation Hit by 'Extremely' Dangerous Russian GPS Jamming
Finnair, Finland's national airline, announced Monday that it will cease flights to Estonia's second-largest city for a month after two of its planes could not land in Tartu due to GPS hurdles.
EU Launches Investigation Against Meta Platforms Over Suspected Election Interference, Foreign Disinformation
The EU is preparing to initiate formal procedures against Meta, the company of Facebook and Instagram, over concerns that it is not doing enough to combat Russian disinformation ahead of the EU electi
US Buys More Than 80 Soviet-Era Aircraft From Russia's Ally for Around $20,000 Each
The United States (US) reportedly acquired 81 obsolete Soviet-era combat aircraft from Russia's previous ally, Kazakhstan.
France's Air Traffic Controllers' Strike Sparks Over 300 Flight Cancellations Amid Travel Chaos
Airline passengers experienced a day of travel chaos as numerous flights were canceled due to concerns about potential worker walkouts in France.
Norway Airspace Shuts Down for Several Hours Following Technical Glitch
A technical malfunction in Norway resulted in the temporary shutdown of airspace over the country's southern region, causing significant disruptions at Oslo Airport.
Hugo Boss Is Finally Leaving Russia After the German Fashion House Agrees to Sell Russian Business to Stockmann
German fashion house Hugo Boss announced Wednesday that it had agreed to sell its Russian operations to wholesale partner Stockmann, marking the end of its presence in Russia.
TikTok Voluntarily Suspends New App's Task and Reward Program After EU Regulators Express Concern Over Addictive Effects Among Young Users
TikTok plans to take down a feature that incentivizes app users in France and Spain to watch videos, following regulatory scrutiny from the European Commission.
Top BBC News Anchor Resigns on Medical Advice 9 Months After Scandal Involving Sexually Explicit Photos with Teenager
Huw Edwards had been the BBC's leading presenter throughout major events such as Queen Elizabeth II's death and funeral, but was suspended in July 2023 after charges surfaced.
Russia's Surprising Economic Strength to Last Another 18 Months Despite Western Sanctions and Ukraine War, Think Tank Says
A Washington DC-based think tank said Russia will maintain its economic strength for another 18 months despite facing various challenges amid its war with Ukraine.
Russia Reportedly Jammed GPS of Over 46,000 Aircraft, Disrupting Flights to and From Europe
Suspected Russian jamming of GPS systems has disrupted thousands of flights over the Baltic Sea, affecting over 46,000 aircraft, prompting safety concerns among airlines like Ryanair, Wizz Air, Britis
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