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Update: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Confirmed Dead After Heavy Landing During Helicopter Crash With Other Officials

President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister have lost their lives in a devastating helicopter crash.

India Secures 10-Year Chabahar Port Deal With Iran, Bypassing Rival Pakistan's Gwadar

India secured a 10-year Chabahar Port deal with Iran, bypassing Pakistan's Gwadar. The investment totals $370 million. The move strengthens regional ties and enhances trade routes amid escalating tens..

Chinese Companies Dominate Licensing Bids to Explore Iraq Oil and Gas Fields as US Snubs Energy Bidding Round

Chinese companies won five more bids to explore and develop oil and gas fields in Iraq...

Despite Biden Administration Pause, Billions of Dollars Worth of US Weaponry Still Due to Go to Israel

Despite the Biden administration's pause on one bomb shipment and review of others due to concerns over potential civilian casualties, Israel is still set to receive US weaponry worth billions of doll..

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EU Vows $1 Billion Aid for Lebanon Amid Spiralling Economic Crisis
The European Union has recently unveiled a substantial aid package of 1 billion euros, approximately $1.06 billion, aimed at addressing the challenges faced by Lebanon.
Qatar Airways Unveils World’s First Human-Like AI Cabin Crew
Visitors to Dubai's Arabian Travel Market (ATM) will have the opportunity to meet, interact, and engage with the second generation of the world's first AI-powered cabin crew.
Dubai's Ruler Greenlights New Passenger Terminal Worth $34.85 Billion
Dubai announced that construction had begun on a new terminal at Al Maktoum International Airport, which the Gulf emirate's ruler claimed will be "the world's largest."
MSC Darwin Ship Targeted by Yemen's Houthis in Gulf of Aden
Yemen's Houthi group claimed responsibility for the attack on the MSC Darwin ship in the Gulf of Aden and the launch of missiles toward the Israeli city of Eilat.
Middle East Conflict Could Push Oil Prices to the Top and Drive Global Inflation, Says World Bank
The World Bank warns that escalating conflicts in the Middle East could push oil prices over $100 a barrel, potentially increasing the recent decline in global inflation and worsening economic challen
Dubai Struggles to Bounce Back After United Arab Emirates Floods Delayed Airport Flight Schedules
Dubai's major airport announced on Friday that it will limit the number of flights arriving for the next two days as it works to remove a three-day backlog caused by a record storm in the UAE.
Dubai's 'Apocalyptic' Superstorm Strikes World's Busiest Airport After Historic Rainfall Causes Flood Chaos, Cancelled Flights
Tragically, there has been a loss of life due to the heavy rain and flooding that has caused widespread disruption in Dubai.
Indian Firms Exporting to the Middle East See Their Shares Plummet After Iran's Recent Attacks on Israel
India's tea and rice exporters to the Middle East saw their stock values collapse on worries of logistical issues and higher costs due to geopolitical tensions.
Major Arab Airlines Cancel Some of Their Flights After Iran’s Retaliatory Attack on Israel
Several major Arab airlines have been forced to cancel their flight schedules over the weekend following Iran's strikes on Israel.
Iran's Currency, Rial, Drops to Record Low Against US Dollar After Retaliatory Attack on Israel
Rial, the currency of Iran, experienced a historic low against the US dollar after the country's extensive missile and drone attack on Israel over the weekend.
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