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Trump Media to Grant Donald Trump $1.25 Billion Stock Bonus This Week

Former President Donald Trump is on track to receive a sizable stock bonus from Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. this week, amounting to over $1.25 billion.

EU Launches Formal Probe Against TikTok Lite Over Potentially Addictive Feature

TikTok Lite, recently introduced in France and Spain, includes a "Task and Reward Lite" program, enabling users to earn points for various in-app activities. However, the EU worries about its potentia..

Japanese Regulators Demand Google to Fix Ad Search Restrictions Affecting Yahoo

Japan's antitrust watchdog has instructed Google to address its advertising search limitations impacting Yahoo in Japan, following an investigation showing Google's practices that undermine fair compe..

Swiss Banks Under Fire for Sharing Client Data with CIA for Anti-Terror Probes

Swiss banks are criticized for sharing banking data with the CIA, sparking debate over privacy rights and law enforcement needs, while Switzerland's Finance Minister defends the decision...

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SEC Accused of Illegally Monitoring Stock Market Investors in the US
The SEC is illegally collecting data on all US stock market investors, according to a new lawsuit.
Australian PM Anthony Albanese Describes X's Legal Battle Against Church Stabbing Posts Removal as 'Extraordinary'
For Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the issue was not about freedom of expression. Instead, it is about preventing the spread of false information that could fuel further harm.
Russia Warns of More Damage and Deaths After US Approves $61 Billion Military Aid Package for Ukraine
The US House of Representatives' approval of a $61 billion military aid package for Ukraine has garnered mixed reactions internationally, including a warning from Russia.
Justice for Boeing 737 MAX Crash Victims Still Unclear Amid New Scrutiny
The families who tragically lost loved ones in the two Boeing 737 MAX crashes have been engaged in a determined legal battle against the aircraft manufacturer.
NY Home Depot Boosts Security with Guards, Dogs to Tackle Thieves, Aggressive Migrants
Two guards, wearing MSA Security caps and bulletproof vests, were seen patrolling the Home Depot in New Rochelle with a German Shepherd.
British Gas Yet to Compensate Customers Affected by Forced Prepayment Meter Installations
UK Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho criticizes slow and insufficient compensation payouts for forced prepayment meters, amid revelations that only 1,500 out of 150,000 cases are receiving redress.
TikTok Ban: US Passes Bill That Could Lead to Total Restriction of Chinese App Unless Bytedance Divest Ownership
TikTok could be banned in the United States after the House of Representatives decisively passed legislation requiring the app's Chinese owner to divest from the company.
New York Cracks Down Wealthy Residents Avoiding Taxes by Fleeing the State
When it comes to taxes and the wealthy, timing is crucial — particularly for individuals who moved from New York and established residency elsewhere.
In the Era of Shrinkflation, Cinemark Sued for Allegedly Swindling Customers by Shortchanging Them on Beverages
Cinemark is allegedly duping its customers by offering 24-ounce drink cups that can only hold a maximum of 22 ounces, according to a proposed class-action suit filed in a Texas federal court.
FAA to Issue New Rest Rules for Air Traffic Controllers Following a Series of Near-Miss Incidents
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Friday announced new rules for air traffic controllers to rest at least 10 hours between shifts and 12 hours before a midnight shift.
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