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Bitcoin's Pullback Below $10,000 Positive For Investors

Bitcoin prices fell to less than $10,000 today, down close to 30% from their recent high of nearly $14,000 reached on Wednesday, June 26th. The digital currency dropped to $9,986.26 at roughly 11:40 a.m. EDT, CoinDesk data shows.


A Veteran Trader Set Bitcoin A $100,000 Target In Market 'Like No Other'

Bitcoin has been on a tear lately, powering above the $10,000 mark last weekend just under two months after crossing the $5,000 level and causing analysts and investors to ask whether this time really could be different.

For Robocar Research Center At Carnegie Mellon Ford's Argo AI Invests $15 Million

Argo AI, a Pittsburgh-based artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicle tech company, is investing $15 million to establish a Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research at Carnegie Mellon University to improve self-driving technology.

Centene Invests Larger Stake In European Healthcare

Centene has increased its investment in Ribera Salud Group in Spain as the U.S. health insurer expands its international healthcare business. Centene said it now owns 90% of Ribera Salud, which provides "private management of government-sponsored healthcare in Spain and Slovakia," the company's website says.

How Sleep Affects Everyday Performance

Sleep is something everybody needs, and the base for every task you tackle throughout the day. However, chances are that you aren’t getting enough of it.

Publicly Traded Orchid Ventures Acquires MSO GreenBloom Cannabis Co. Assets In $29 Million Transaction

According to information obtained exclusively, ahead of a press release hitting the wire later today, publicly traded multi-state cannabis brand Orchid Ventures, Inc.

5 Essential Reasons Why Businesses Need To Upgrade Their Technology

In the business world, you will often hear owners live by the phrase, "If it is not broken, do not fix it." It is either they have zero ideas of how beneficial upgrading their company's system is, or perhaps they just want to save when money.

What Is The Value Of In-Memory Technology?

While in-memory computing is a prevalent approach to database processing and storage, business owners can look at this technological benefit from two different perspectives.

How to Start Investing in Currencies

Investing in currencies may sound like a lucrative, exotic venture – and it can be – but it takes knowledge, skill, and experience to succeed. At one time, the forex market was largely dominated by institutional investors and banks, but now, there are online brokerages and margin trading accounts that have made this form of investing accessible to everyone.

Your Business Needs Email Verification Now

Whether you are an online business or a brick and mortar, you can benefit from email verification. Take a moment to think about your current business model. Do you ship out physical goods, sell digital products, or just conduct business face to face?

Financial Aid And Retirement Savings, How To Balance The Three-Legged Stool of 529 Plans

Sallie Mae's 2018 How America Saves for College Survey shows 529 Plan contribution amounts nearly doubled between 2016 and 2018.

Endeavor’s IPO: For Suckers Only?

Endeavor is planning to go public this year. The prospectus bills the company as the only one-stop shopping platform for many of the world's top models, sports, media, and Hollywood assets in the world.

This Is What The Surge In Tech Buyouts Mean

This is a lesson for traders. Extreme pessimism is normally a buying opportunity.

Culture Change For Climate Change

What do fishermen, school cafeterias and the Catholic Church have in common? It turns out they are all allies in the fight against climate change. Earlier this week, five social entrepreneurs gathered in New York at The New School's Tishman Center for Environment and Design to discuss innovations to protect the environment.

Is Delivery A Solution To Restaurant Staffing Problems? Deliveroo Gets Amazon Cash

Deliveroo doesn't have a presence yet in the United States, but if you live in London, you bump into the food delivery company all the time. Its drivers zoom around on motorbikes and scooters, dropping off breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to homes and offices around the city.

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