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UK: Hackers Publish Sensitive Data Stolen From NHS Blood Testing Provider

Qilin, a cyber group disrupting London hospitals, revealed crucial data stolen from NHS blood testing firm.

France Leads in Generative AI Funding Race in Europe

France is leading in the generative AI funding race in Europe, according to a new report...

Snapchat Settles Sex Discrimination, Harassment Claims With $15 Million in California

Snapchat Inc. settled a $15 million lawsuit over female workers' discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment after a three-year inquiry...

Adobe Sued For Allegedly Making Subscriptions Hard to Cancel With Hidden Fees

The FTC sued Adobe for hiding early subscription termination costs and making cancellation hard...

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US Congress Scrutinizes Microsoft President Over China Ties, Security Failures
Microsoft President Brad Smith was intensely questioned by a House homeland security panel on Thursday regarding the company's security practices and ties with China.
Amazon and Vrio to Challenge Starlink with Satellite Internet Launch in South America by 2025
Amazon and Vrio plan to deploy 3,236 low Earth orbit satellites to provide broadband internet to South American countries, directly competing with Elon Musk's Starlink.
Japan Enacts Legislation Mandating That Google, Apple Permit Use of Third-Party Apps
Japanese legislation penalizes digital corporations like Google and Apple that don't allow third-party applications and payment systems.
OpenAI Teams up With Oracle to Increase Computing Capacity for ChatGPT
Oracle is helping OpenAI and Microsoft to boost ChatGPT's processing capability.
Apple Pay Soon to Offer Users ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Loans Through Affirm
Apple partners with Affirm for "buy now, pay later" loans.
Nokia CEO Revolutionizes Phone Call Experience With Immersive 3D Spatial Audio
Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark used "immersive audio and video" to make a call more realistic using three-dimensional sound.
Cognizant to Acquire Digital Engineering Firm Belcan for Nearly $1.3 Billion
Cognizant has announced the acquisition of digital engineering firm Belcan for nearly $1.3 billion.
OpenAI Welcomes New Top Executives, Announces Partnership With Apple
OpenAI is thrilled to introduce new senior executives and an Apple collaboration.
Apple Unveils New 'Intelligence' Tech, Plans to Use Its Own Server Chips for AI Features
Apple has announced that it plans to use its own server chips to power its devices with AI features.
Google Faces Backlash Over Alleged Plan to Limit Search Engine Options on Android
Google is facing accusations of anti-competitive behavior for allegedly planning to limit search engine choices on Android smartphones, raising concerns about fair competition in the market.
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