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Founded in 2011, Venture Capital Post is an independent  news source that tracks fast-moving developments where high-tech innovation and venture capital finance interest. Venture Capital Post provides insight into the newest start-ups and latest trends in venture capital investing.

The writers at Venture Capital Post bring readers up-to-the-minute news and information from venture capital communities and deals. They strive to empower readers by demystifying developments in technology, science, health, etc. and reporting them in an easy-to-read, digestible format. They cover both fun and important topics, as well as vivify nerdy details. They strive to deliver only the news readers would want to share with others.

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Editorial Director

Joel Bignell (Joel@vcpost.com)

Joel is Editorial Director in Venture Capital Post. Originally from the San Diego seaside, Joel graduated from University of South Florida’s English Writing program, 2015. Prior to joining Venture Capital Post, he was a professional writer who is crazy about reporting business news all over the world. He is renowned for his wide range of valuable business news. After career in writing training, painting, music-making, and traveling, Joel finally finds his true love and special talent in the business industry.

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