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More US Voters Trust Donald Trump Than Joe Biden to Deal With Inflation and Cost of Living, New Poll Shows

More US voters trust former President Donald Trump than President Joe Biden when it comes to addressing inflation and the cost of living, according to a new NBC News poll.

LinkedIn Unveils Top 10 Best US Companies to Work for in 2024 — And the No. 1 Firm Isn't From the Tech Industry

LinkedIn unveiled its annual list of the top 10 best companies to work for in the US in 2024 on Tuesday...

Joe Biden Approval Rating for His Handling of the Economy Is Rising, New Poll Shows

The approval rating of President Joe Biden regarding his handling of the economy is experiencing a surge among American voters, a new poll shows...

Wealthy Americans Are Increasingly Applying for Second Passports as They Prepare to Flee the US

A prominent law firm reveals that wealthy Americans are increasingly applying for second citizenships and national residences...

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Small Business Optimism Hits Its Lowest Level Since 2012 as Inflation Fears Mount
Small business optimism has reached its lowest level since 2012 as inflation fears persist.
In California, Happy Life Comes With a Hefty Price Tag—This Is How Much Money You Need to Be Happy Living in Golden State
According to a new study, here's how much money you need to be happy living in California.
AI Companies Face Data Shortage After Using Up All Available Internet Resources for Model Training
AI companies face a data shortage crisis after exhausting internet resources to train their large language models, prompting them to explore alternative data sources like video transcripts and synthet
More Americans Trust Donald Trump Than Joe Biden on Trade, New Survey Shows
More Americans trust former President Donald Trump's trade approach than President Joe Biden's, according to a new survey.
1 in 3 Companies Is Abandoning College Degree Requirements for Salaried Jobs, But Compensation Remains a Challenge
A recent report by Payscale reveals that one in three companies is shifting away from requiring a college degree for salaried positions.
Joe Biden Is Starting to Win the Inflation Blame Game Against Big Corporations, New Poll Shows
A notable shift is occurring in the ongoing blame game surrounding inflation, with voters increasingly pointing fingers at big corporations rather than to President Joe Biden.
Ayvos: Bridging Market Gaps in Video Analytics Across Industries
Businesses across various industries are increasingly turning to advanced technologies to gain valuable insights, enhance operational efficiency, and stay competitive. In this area, Ayvos emerges in t
S&P 500 Could Sink 20% This Spring, Then Hit Record High by End of 2024, Investment Strategist Says
The S&P 500 could sink 20% this spring and then surge to an all-time high by the end of 2024, according to an investment strategist.
Federal Reserve Will Begin Interest Rate Cuts in June 2024, Survey Finds
According to the latest CNBC Fed Survey, there is a growing expectation that the Federal Reserve will initiate rate cuts in June 2024.
Investing Experts Say Now Is the Best Time to Invest in Small- and Midsize-Company Stocks — Here's Why
Amid the dominance of large-company stocks, investing experts suggest that now is an opportune time to explore smaller firms' stocks.
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