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Mobi: Empowering Consumer Product Companies with Real-time Sales Data

In a world where consumer product companies grapple with the need for real-time sales data, Mobi emerges as a game-changer. Mobi by MFMsoft isn't your traditional data aggregator or analytic software. Instead, it's a powerful AI-driven software designed to enable all product and brand owners to capture in real-time their product sales data from their customers' systems.

Tech Envy on Business Sector

A poll of tech worker habits by software firm Nintex revealed that public and private sector employees are hungry for automation, and rely on mobile apps and the cloud to get work done...

Demonetization Hits 80% of Small Businesses

Amnesty system was created for those with black money, there should be an amnesty scheme for micro, small and medium enterprises...

Financial Sector: Crucial for Sustained Inclusive Growth

The financial system shouold be developing a balance way through banks and non-banks. There are four key dimensions of financial developent...

Latest News

The Indonesian sectors explores sectors.
Indonesian startups is now on a full steamed ahead to find new potential sectors. And also here are also the top 10 biggest startups for this year.
Todays update on undervalued and overvalued sectors.
Here is the latest update regarding the market fair. The most overvalued and undervalued sectors that we have.
Energy And Health Sectors Are Monday's Laggards
The sectors of energy and health are showing major low performances.
Core Sector Records 5% Growth Since September
For the month of September, Indian core sectors showed up a reamrkable increase of 5%.
Philippines Duterte Protects BPO Sectors
As part of the establishment of Philippine economy and its ally powers. Rodrigo Duterte pledges to protect the BPO industry and sector in the country.
Axis Bank MD And CEO Shikha Sharma Predicts Retail And SME Sectors As The Next Bubbles
Reports have foreseen that retail and sme sectors will be the next bubbles.
The NY Fed Unveils Its Own Economy Forecasting Tool Using Near Real-Time Data
The New York Fed announced its new GDP tracking and forecasting tool, the FRBNY Nowcast. The tool will use near real-time data to update U.S. economic growth daily, as the Fed will release a report we
Documents Analytics Startup DocSend Secured $8 Million in Series A to Enhance Documents Sharing
DocSend received a new investment round totaling in $8 million to enhance its service on documents sharing and documents analytics. The startup has been focusing in documents as the core of most busin
Google Launches Analytics 360 Suite for Enterprise Marketers
Google launched new product targeting enterprise marketers on Tuesday. The Google Analytics 360 Suite will go head to head with Adobe and Oracle product in enterprise Internet marketing.
Propel raises $4.2mln from Cloud Apps Capital Partners
Product management tool provider Propel has closed $4.2 million series A investment. Cloud Apps Capital Partners participated in the A series investment round for Propel.
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