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Japan To Allow Cryptoassets in Their Investment Fund

Japan proposes a bill allowing venture capital firms and investment funds to hold cryptocurrency assets.

JPMorgan Chase to Pay Civil Penalties of Around $350 Million Over Trade Reporting Gaps

JPMorgan Chase and Co. has disclosed that it would pay civil penalties totaling around $350 million to regulators for reporting insufficient trading data to surveillance platforms...

Goldman Sachs Reportedly Under Investigation Over Fees Charged for Futures Trading

Goldman Sachs is reportedly facing an investigation over fees it charges for futures trading...

US Stock Market Could Get an Added Boost From Projected Buyback Revival in 2024

Companies purchasing back more of their own shares are expected to boost US stocks this year...

Latest News

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley 4Q Profits Still Beat Expectations
Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have both posted fourth-quarter earnings results that beat analysts' expectations.
JPMorgan Chase Rises Above Rivals, Makes More Annual Profit Than Any US Bank Ever
JPMorgan Chase has concluded the year 2023 with the largest annual profit in the history of US banking.
Morgan Stanley's Investment Chief Offers Stock Market Playbook for 3 Economic Scenarios in 2024
Morgan Stanley's Chief Investment Officer, Mike Wilson, has offered a stock market playbook for three potential economic scenarios in 2024.
Citigroup to Close Down Global Distressed-Debt Business: Here's What to Know
Citigroup Inc. is reportedly closing its global distressed-debt group as it undergoes further restructuring under CEO Jane Fraser's leadership.
Goldman Sachs Says 'The Great Disinflation' Is Under Way, Setting the Stage for 5 Eventual Fed Rate Cuts
The chief economist of Goldman Sachs is anticipating the end of the pandemic-era inflation soon, as the world economy has now entered a period of "The Great Disinflation."
Citigroup's Plan to Set up Securities Business in China Faces Delay
Citigroup Inc. is reportedly facing delays in its plans to establish a fully-owned securities business in China.
Chuck E. Cheese Reportedly Taps Goldman Sachs to Help With Potential Sale
Chuck E. Cheese, the popular US restaurant chain that came out from bankruptcy three years ago, is reportedly considering a sale amid acquisition interest.
JPMorgan Chase Says Ethereum Will Outperform Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies in 2024
JPMorgan Chase analysts foresee a potential shift in the cryptocurrency market dynamics next year, predicting that ethereum will outperform bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
JPMorgan Chase Reportedly Plans to Outsource $500 Billion Custody Business in Hong Kong, Taiwan
JPMorgan Chase is reportedly planning to outsource its local custody business operations in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
JPMorgan Chase Gives Gloomy Outlook, Says 99% of Americans Will Be Worse off Financially in 2024 Than Pre-Pandemic
JPMorgan Chase claims that 99% of Americans have already exhausted the excess savings they accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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