Russia Reportedly Jammed GPS of Over 46,000 Aircraft, Disrupting Flights to and From Europe

Suspected Russian jamming of GPS systems has disrupted thousands of flights over the Baltic Sea, affecting over 46,000 aircraft, prompting safety concerns among airlines like Ryanair, Wizz Air, British Airways, and easyJet.

Russia Sentences Meta Platforms Spokesperson Andy Stone to 6 Years in Prison for Publicly Defending 'Terrorism'

In a ruling delivered in absentia, a military court in Russia has sentenced Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta Platforms, to six years in prison...

Malaysia Sets Eyes on Transforming Kuala Lumpur Into Leading Digital Hub in Southeast Asia

Malaysia aims to make Kuala Lumpur a Southeast Asian digital powerhouse by 2030 by ranking it among the top 20 startup ecosystems...

Prominent Businessman in Pakistan Found Dead After Cousin Sprayed Bullets Outside His Home

A prominent businessman in Pakistan was allegedly shot dead by his cousin outside his house in the early hours of Sunday...

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Elon Musk Hailed 'New Hero' by Brazil's Ex-President Jair Bolsonaro, Praised for His Courage Over Freedom of Speech
Thousands of avid supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have taken to the streets of Rio to rally with their injured leader and celebrate Elon Musk, the new hero of their far-right m
Taiwan Seeks US Funding as Chinese Warplanes Slowly Approach the Country
Taiwan's military engages in talks with the United States over newly allocated funding following reports of Chinese military aircraft breaching the sensitive median line of the Taiwan Strait.
US Lawmakers Pass Billions in Long-Awaited Aid for Ukraine, Israel to Bolster War Efforts
Despite fierce opposition from Republican hardliners, the US House of Representatives approved a $95 billion legislation package giving security assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.
TikTok Ban: US Passes Bill That Could Lead to Total Restriction of Chinese App Unless Bytedance Divest Ownership
TikTok could be banned in the United States after the House of Representatives decisively passed legislation requiring the app's Chinese owner to divest from the company.
H5N1 Strain: Bird Flu Outbreak Blamed on Dairy Farms; USDA Confirms Cow-to-Cow Transmission
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the H5N1 bird flu virus strain has been found in raw milk from infected animals in significant amounts. However, it is still unclear how long the viru
Philippines Wants US, Japan to Fund Freight Railway Project After It Drops Funding Talks With China
The Philippines is seeking alternative financing deals for a freight railway project after funding talks with China were dropped.
Japan Develops AI Tool That Analyzes Employee Data, Predicts When Worker Will Quit Job
Japanese researchers have developed an AI tool that can analyze employee data and accurately predict when recruits are likely to quit their jobs.
China Shows Heavy Support for Hong Kong Economy After Pressuring the Country to Enact New Security Law
China pledged increased support for Hong Kong's economy after enacting a new security law, which Human Rights activists condemned for silencing political dissents against China.
US Committee Reveals Secret Brazil Court Orders to Elon Musk's X Regarding Account Suspensions
A US congressional committee revealed classified Brazilian court rulings suspending accounts on the social media platform X, providing insight into choices that have sparked accusations about suspecte
Dubai Struggles to Bounce Back After United Arab Emirates Floods Delayed Airport Flight Schedules
Dubai's major airport announced on Friday that it will limit the number of flights arriving for the next two days as it works to remove a three-day backlog caused by a record storm in the UAE.
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