Shai Masot, Specialist in Digital Solutions & Marketing

Shai Masot : Effective Political Campaigns on Social Media Demand Hard Organic Work

yhe digital world and social media in particular are a mirror of real life.

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NEC Strategies To Boost Key Sector

Outlining Strategies

The NEC had alrady laid an outline strategy regarding on how to boost kery service sectors.

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Top 10 Jobs and Sectors with Biggest Pay in UK

The Biggest Paid Jobs and Sectors in UK

UK announces its top 10 biggest paid jobs and sectors. Find it here.

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Start-ups Explores New Potential Sector

The Indonesian sectors explores sectors.

Indonesian startups is now on a full steamed ahead to find new potential sectors. And also here are also the top 10 biggest startups for this year.

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Take A Good Look For Today's Undervalued And Overvalued Sector

Todays update on undervalued and overvalued sectors.

Here is the latest update regarding the market fair. The most overvalued and undervalued sectors that we have.

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Sports Merchandise Sectors Marks Potential On The World Trade

Sports Sector shows potential

Some sports merchandise sector shows potential in growth level

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Indian Core Sector Records 5% Growth Since September

Core Sector Records 5% Growth Since September

For the month of September, Indian core sectors showed up a reamrkable increase of 5%.

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Philippines Duterte Protects BPO Sectors

Philippines Duterte Protects BPO Sectors

As part of the establishment of Philippine economy and its ally powers. Rodrigo Duterte pledges to protect the BPO industry and sector in the country.

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Bitcoin Value Soars And Drops

BitTeaser's Blockchain Ad Network Will Change Online Advertising With Pay-Per-Click and Other Models

The emergence of blockchain ad network system provided by BitTeaser is changing the online advertising markets. With the blockchain-based system, any webmaster can now join the advertising sector regardless of the website’s traffic.

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US Markets Open After Global Stocks Slip

Gainers and losers of Wednesday, March 9, 2016 stock market

Shares of Blue Buffalo and Air Transport Service gained during the Wednesday trading session while shares of Yelp, Unisys Corp and Zagg Inc lost their shares in the stock market.

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AWXII - Day 3

Facebook Cancel Ad Projects Due to Bots and Low Quality Ads

Atlas Solution, a subsidiary of Facebook on Monday confirmed to cancel plan to integrate buying platform to its advertising platform. Bots and low quality ads has been the main reason.

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Aerial Views Of The Bay Area As The City Seeks Break From Rising Rents

Roofstock Raised $13.25 Million, Inaugurates Rentals Marketplace

Roofstock gets Series A funding of $13.25 million led by Bain Capital Ventures. The funds will be used in an online marketplace and will be launched on Thursday in Florida.

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Facebook Announces New Email Messaging System

Facebook Plans to Monetize Messenger; Will Allow Businesses to Send Ads

A leaked document revealed Facebook’s plan to start monetizing on of its fastest-growing and most popular product, the Messenger. The document stated that in the second quarter this year, a new feature would be launched, allowing businesses to send advertisement chats via Messenger.

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