UK Card Spending Drops for First Time Since 2021, Barclays Says

By Trisha Andrada

Jul 09, 2024 04:00 AM EDT

Spending on credit and debit cards decreased last month, marking the first monthly decline since February 2021, according to the June statistics released by London-based Barclays bank.

When combined with data from consumer surveys, the numbers account for around 40% of all credit and debit card transactions in the United Kingdom.

According to Sky News, the decline in car spending is due to a mix of factors, including weakened inflation and early-month rains that stifled purchases at clothing, pubs, and garden centers.

Card Expenditure Statistics

Spending on supermarket cards fell for the first time since June 2022. According to Barclays, sharp drops in food inflation and consumer spending cuts are to blame.

More than half of consumers are looking for loyalty program discounts and other store bargains, and most customers are reducing their weekly food expenditures.

Two of five Brits said they spent less than average on summer goods because of the weather. Clothes were the most common thing people said they bought less of.

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Spending on Entertainment Industry 

The entertainment industry, however, saw growth. June 15, the day after the release of Inside Out 2 by Disney Pixar, was theaters' biggest day of the year. When hit series like House of the Dragon and Bridgerton released new seasons, consumers spent more on takeout and streaming services.

Pub, bar, and club spending was up during the Euros football tournament, while restaurant spending was down. Barclays attributed this to consumers being picky and price-conscious.

Domestic hotel reservations fell while overseas travel agency and airline expenditure increased over the month. Additionally, there were indications of economic optimism. About 73% of respondents reported feeling more hopeful about their capacity to live within their means.

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