Social Security Payments Worth Over $4,800 To Go Out This Week; Here’s When You’ll Get Yours

The new round of monthly payments will be sent out to eligible retirees born on or after the 21st of a month.

Social Security Benefits Lost 20% of Buying Power Due to Inflation, Outlook for 2025 Is Grim

To compensate for the lost value, payments would need to increase to more than $4,400 a year. Read more here...

US Presidential Elections 2024 May Impact Financial Market, Personal Investments

Previous election seasons saw the S&P 500 slump and the Dow Jones Industrial Average trade below 11,000...

Tech Billionaires Shift Support to Trump Over Fear From Biden's Antitrust Laws

Silicon Valley tech billionaires are backing Donald Trump through donations to America PAC, driven more by economic concerns over Biden's airtight antitrust policies than political alignment...

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Justin Bieber Performs at Indian Billionaire’s Pre-Wedding Event for Whopping $10 Million
Justin Bieber earned $10 million for a private performance at an Ambani-Merchant's pre-wedding party in India.
JPMorgan Chase Aims to Attract 15% of US Consumer Deposits, Expand Credit Card Share
JPMorgan Chase is reportedly striving to amass 15% of US consumer deposits and expand its credit card share.
Citi to End Operations in Haiti After 50 Years
Citi has decided to end its operations in Haiti, concluding more than 50 years of presence in the country.
Revolut Eyes IPO with Potentially $40 Billion Valuation as CEO Prepares $500M Share Sale
Revolut prepares for a $500 million share sale, potentially valuing the company at over $40 billion, as plans to eventually go public go into motion.
Carlos Slim Invests $1.2 Billion to Establish Gulf of Mexico Gas Field
Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s company, Grupo Carso SAB, announced that it was investing $1.2 billion to develop a vast gas field in the Gulf of Mexico.
Nvidia Receives Rare Low Rating From Wall Street Following 'Slow Growth' Prediction
Analyst Pierre Ferragu downgraded Nvidia's rating to neutral, citing concerns over future growth and valuation. Nvidia stock has struggled to return to its glory in the past few days.
Tesla’s Strong Deliveries Report Strikes Serious Blow to Short Sellers, Resulting in $3.5 Billion Loss
Tesla's short sellers lost $3.5 billion after the firm announced better-than-expected electric car sales this week.
Jeff Bezos to Sell $5 Billion Worth of Amazon Shares During Record Stock Surge
After selling shares worth $8.5 billion this February, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to sell an additional 25 million more shares worth approximately $5 billion, coinciding with Amazon's stock reach
Mexico's Sinaloa Drug Cartel Members Found Citi ‘Favorable’ for Money Laundering: Report
US officials said that drug traffickers for Mexico's Sinaloa cartel chose to launder money through Citi.
Meme Stock Investor ‘Roaring Kitty’ Reveals Massive $245 Million Stake in Chewy
Meme stock trader Keith Gill, known as Roaring Kitty, has a multimillion-dollar stake in online pet store Chewy.
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