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Tech Glitch Hits Microsoft Services, Causing Stock Prices to React Negatively

A recent update to CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor software caused widespread "blue screen of death" errors for Microsoft users worldwide, impacting both individuals and businesses and resulting in a 1.3% drop in Microsoft's stock price.

Netflix's Password Sharing Crackdown Backfires With Slow Subscriber Growth in Q2

Netflix reported its slowest subscriber growth in five quarters, adding only 4.82 million new subscribers from April to June, down from 9.3 million in the previous quarter, largely due to a crackdown ..

How to Get Student Discount on Amazon Prime + 6 Months Free Trial

A step-by-step guide on how to get the Amazon Prime Student discount with an initial six-month free trial...

Elon Musk Wins the $500 Million Severance Lawsuit Filed by Terminated Twitter Employees

Elon Musk was held not liable for failing to pay at least $500 million in severance to thousands of Twitter employees he laid off after buying the firm...

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Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Law Requiring Social Media to Restrict Access to Children
A US District Court judge blocked the Mississippi state government from enforcing a new law requiring social media users to verify their ages and restrict access by minors to sites if they lack parent
SCOTUS Trashes Lawsuit vs. Biden Administration’s Social Media Censorship
In a 6-3 vote, the US Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit seeking to restrict the federal government’s ability to communicate with social media firms like Google, Meta, and Twitter/X about content moder
X CEO Linda Yaccarino Shakes Up Her Executive Team Amid Elon Musk's Pressure on Costs: Report
Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of social media platform X, has reportedly restructured her executive team amid pressure from owner Elon Musk to increase sales and reduce expenses.
Apple Eyes Generative AI Partnership With Meta, Anthropic, and Perplexity
Apple and Meta are in talks to integrate Meta's generative AI into Apple's AI system for iPhones, with Apple also exploring partnerships with other AI firms. However, the deals are not yet finalized.
Spotify Introduces New Basic Streaming Plan in the US
Spotify has unveiled a new basic streaming plan for users in the US.
Instagram Algorithm Test Says App Shows Sexual Content to Teen Accounts; Meta Dismisses Claim
News that Instagram often suggests explicit content to underage accounts was denied by Meta, saying it doesn't reflect the reality.
Donald Trump's Net Worth Plunges $475 Million as Trump Media Shares Continue to Slide
Former President Donald Trump's net worth fell by about $475 million as shares of Trump Media & Technology Group continued their downward trend.
The Flockx Solution: Getting You Out the Door & Building Real Connection in an Era of Isolation
Flockx offers an innovative solution to not only curb loneliness but also offer a personal AI agent designed to help users engage more meaningfully. Unlike other social apps that keep users glued to t
Auto Dealership Software Service CDK Global Shuts Down After Cyberattack
Car dealership software service CDK Global has been hacked this week, causing massive outages to thousands of dealerships across the United States.
OpenAI Gambles on Apple's No-Payment Deal for ChatGPT Access in iOS 18
Apple's deal to integrate ChatGPT into its devices for iOS18 is reportedly without financial compensation, with OpenAI banking on "exposure" to Apple's consumer base.
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