Poland Urges President Biden To Increase ATO Defense Budget Amid Russia-Ukraine War

Polish President Andrzej Duda plans to propose increasing NATO defense spending to 3% of GDP during talks with US President Joe Biden, aiming to fortify the alliance amid tensions, particularly in Ukraine.

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North Eastern USA Coast Is More Prone To Hurrican, Research Says

The Northeastern coast of the USA could be struck by more frequent and more powerful hurricanes in the future due to shifting weather patterns, according to new research.

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Amazon Offers Full Refunds For Hoverboards, Continues Selling

Amazon, among retailers, has started offering full refunds for hoverboards in US and Canada ahead of growing concerns for reported fire incidences. CPSC is investigating two wheeler balance boards manufactured by 13 companies. Earlier, the retailing giant has offered refund for the UK customers. Intriguingly, hover boards of different manufacturers are still being sold amidst offering refunds.

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Nokia sees clear revenue synergies from SAC Wireless acquisition

Finnish telecoms network gear maker Nokia said on Monday that it had closed the acquisition of U.S. -based SAC Wireless and that it expected clear revenue synergies from the purchase.

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US trucking and shipping firm Momentum Transportation acquires JIX International Freight Services

Jacksonville, US-based domestic trucking and international shipping firm Momentum Transportation USA Inc acquired JIX International Freight Services for an undisclosed amount to expand its worldwide operations.

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US security startup Adallom bags $15M in Series B funding

Menlo Park, California-based security startup Adallom bagged $15 million in a Series B funding round led by Index Ventures to boost its sales presence and development projects.

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NSA's Prism project incur USD180 million loss in IT service market

Forrester Research Inc said concerns regarding the Prism spy project of the US National Security Agency could cost US companies USD180 million worth of business in the IT service market.

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China to probe EMC, IBM, Oracle for security issues

Shanghai Securities News said the Ministry of Public Security and a cabinet-level research center of China were preparing to investigate on EMC Corp, IBM Corp and Oracle Corp over security concerns.

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Microsoft adds 17 international resellers for Surface tablets

Microsoft announced it would add new commercial distribution partners in 17 countries for the company's Surface tablets.

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Facebook reveals daily UK, US user data for advertisers

Facebook revealed the number of daily users from the US and UK to attract advertisers in spending more money in the social network.

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Russian pleads not guilty in largest US hacking case

Russian pleaded not guilty to charges that accuse him of being a part of the biggest cybercrime ring prosecuted in the US.

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23andMe to sell genetic information for US$99

The personal genomic and biotechnology corporation in the US would target people's DNA by selling their genetic information for US$99.

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Nintendo needs to consider putting games in app stores - analysts

Analysts said that if Nintendo's sales continue to drop, it would need to consider putting its games in app stores.

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US issues worldwide travel alert after citing al-Qaeda's threat

The US State Department announced an international travel alert for terrorist attacks in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

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Samsung brings fight to its competitors - analysts

Samsung launched its newest smartphone in the US, Apple's home market, and then opened a research and development center in Nokia's home, Finland.

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