How Can I Improve my Chances of Getting a Loan?

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Dec 19, 2021 04:33 AM EST

How Can I Improve my Chances of Getting a Loan?(nattanan23) (Credit: Getty Image)

At one point in life, everyone needs external funding. I cannot hide how people have lost businesses and jobs courtesy of the pandemic. And daily survival has grown from worse to worse.

But I usually say that there is always little hope left, and in this case, you will need a loan.  However, if you don't know how to increase the chances of getting a loan, you may meet with frustrations. And that will hurt you, especially if you have an emergency.

But in this post, I am ready to help you out with excellent tricks that you need to know to get a loan fast.

Increase the Chance of Getting a Loan

Make your Credit Score to the Level Best

One main reason that a lender can deny you a loan is when you have a poor credit score. I know that no one wishes to have a poor credit score, but it happens anyway.

The Fico credit score runs from 300 to 850. Here is the breakdown:

350-579 Poor

580-669 Fair

670-739 Good

740-799 Very Good

800-850 Excellent

With a low credit score of less than 600, you will find it difficult to get a loan with better interest rates. Of course, I'm not saying that you cannot get a loan with bad credit. But, of course, you can get especially on the site of the Viva payday loan, where you will meet multiple lenders.

Viva Payday Loans lenders do not run your credit check, but the interest ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%. If your credit score is low, the higher the interest rate. Therefore, if you need to get below 10%, ensure that you build your credit score.

Maybe you might be wondering how you rebuild your credit score. Well, I got you on that. You can take credit builder loans and ensure that you repay on time. These loans report your history to one of the three credit bureaus, and with time, you will see a positive impact.

Increase your Income

You will never get a loan without an income flowing your way. Otherwise, how will you repay the loan? Lenders need you to at least have one source of income that they will be sure you can use to repay the loan.

If you don't prove that you receive money regularly, no one will help you out. Some lenders do not restrict the income you should have to get a loan.

Some accept employment income, business income, or benefits for the elderly or the unemployed. At the same time, others need you to have an employment salary so that they can link your account to repay them once the paycheck lands.

Some lenders like Viva payday loan lenders require you to have a minimum salary of $1000 to get a loan from the site. Therefore, you need to have at least a source of income to get the loan you need.

Use a Co-signer

If you cannot get a loan, you can look for lenders who accept co-signing. For example, you can get a friend or a relative who has a good credit score to take a loan on your behalf. Some request you to give them a share, while others don't.

However, if you are sure about the repayment plan, go ahead with co-sign. And if you are not sure whether you'll manage to repay, leave it alone. Remember, you will be jeopardizing the credit score of your friend.

Borrow Little Amount

Don't apply for the absolute limit you can access whenever you need a loan. Applying for massive amounts may sound like spam to the lenders, and they may opt to secure their money instead.

Therefore, that's why I usually recommend that you take only a small loan amount that you will repay without struggling.

Submit all Documents That the Lender Needs

If you fail to submit only one document that the lender needs, you will lose the chance to get a loan that day. Some lenders are good enough to let you rectify after and get in the line again.

But other lenders will push you to start the application all over again and maybe on a further date.

Here is what most lenders request:

●       A national identity card

●       Prove that you are more than 18 years

●       Proof of receiving income

●       A permanent residence address

●       A checking account

If you don't provide any of the above, you get nothing. Therefore, always ensure that you verify all your documents free submitting, whether it's a physical or online submission.

The Bottom Line

Getting a loan can help you if you use it wisely. However, the best way to gain financial freedom is to create more income streams. That way, you won't see the need to get a loan. In addition, you will also start a stress-free life without lenders' threats.

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