Amazon Offers Full Refunds For Hoverboards, Continues Selling

By Staff Writer

Jan 22, 2016 02:36 AM EST

Amazon has initiated offering full refunds on hoverboards, sold from the online retailer site across the US and Canada. The online retailer's effort appears in response to the reported serial fire incidences originated from the popular two wheel balance boards.

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has praised Amazon's refunding on Wednesday. It also expects from other retailers and manufacturers to follow the same path for refunding. CPSC has been investigating hover board safety issues since December, reports CNN Money.

Dozens of blazing instances involving the smart boards are being scrutinized by the CPSC. The fire originates from the lithium-ion batteries and electronic wiring of the hover boards.

Amazon has shunned selling many models of hoverboards in December and advised UK customers to throw devices at local recycle centers. However, eligible countries for the hoverboard refunds or conditions involved therein remain unclear. Amazon hasn't responded to a request for comments immediately, reports Daily News.

Increasing number of reports centering serious injuries and emergency room visits associated with the balance boards has compelled CPSC to broaden investigation arena. It is believed that the firing incidences have been triggered by design flows in the board, reports WCPO.

Videos containing falling from hover boards of kids, parents and celebrities have flooded the news and social media in recent days. Though most injuries are not life threatening, but the increased firing events appear for rising concerns centering overall safety of the trending product.

CPSC is now investigating more than 39 instances of hover boards smoking or bursting into flames, often while recharging through connecting to sockets. The fires are presumed to be initiated due to overheating of lithium ion batteries. So far, hover boards manufactured by 13 companies are under CPSC investigation.

All the retailers are now waiting for a definite conclusive verdict from CPSC. More than 30 colleges have temporarily prohibited the popular and kitschy transportation module. Meanwhile, a pair of industry groups have announced working on developing safety standards for hover boards.

Amazon has initiated offering refunds on some specific hover board models sold in the UK in December. A few days back, the retailing giant has reportedly contacted some customers through email and offered refunds.

Interested customers have been advised to contact ecommerce giant's customer service centers. Intriguingly, Amazon is still selling hover boards of a number of manufactures on its site concurrently while offering full refunds.

CPSC, the consumer right protection authority is scrutinizing hover board of some selective manufacturers to find design flaws. The commission has been compelled to widen its investigation arena ahead of ever growing concerns for the popular wheeler's safety measures. All the retailing stores are in wait for CPSC's final decision in this regard. However, Amazon appears as the first retailing site to offer full refund for hover boards though it continues to sell those in its site.

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