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Neuralink Faces Lawsuit for Forcing Employee to Work With Herpes-Infected Monkeys That Scratched Her Skin

Elon Musk's Neuralink being sued for pressuring an employee to handle monkeys infected with the Herpes B virus.

Italy Arrests Russian Businessman Accused of Helping Son of Putin Ally Escape From House Arrest

Italian authorities have arrested a Russian businessman accused of assisting the son of a Putin ally in escaping house arrest in Italy...

US Probes 'Dutch Roll' Incident on Boeing Jet During Southwest Airlines Flight in May

Federal investigators are probing a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8's odd rolling motion during a May flight...

Starbucks, Coca-Cola Seek Trademark Renewal in Russia

Coca-Cola and Starbucks have sought to re-register their trademarks in Russia to protect their intellectual property rights...

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Meta Halts EU AI Model Rollout Amid Privacy Concerns, Regulatory Pressure
Meta Platforms has postponed the European launch of its AI models after the Irish privacy regulator advised against using data from Facebook and Instagram users.
Novo Nordisk CEO to Testify Before Senate After Sanders' Subpoena Threat Over Drug Pricing
Novo Nordisk CEO Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen will testify before the Senate following Sen. Bernie Sanders' threat to subpoena the company over the pricing of diabetes drug Ozempic and obesity drug Wegov
Boeing Admits Fake Documentation for Titanium Parts, FAA Begins Inquiry
The FAA has opened an investigation into Boeing over concerns that counterfeit titanium, verified with fake documentation, may have been installed in some of their planes, potentially affecting struct
Boeing and Airbus Allegedly Used 'Counterfeit' Titanium, FAA Investigation Reveals
Boeing and Airbus are under FAA investigation over allegations of using counterfeit titanium that risks the safety and integrity of critical components.
Supreme Court Ruling Allows Continued Sale of Bump Stocks in Guns Used in 2017 Vegas Massacre
The Supreme Court junks the Trump Administration's ban on bump stocks in 2019 used by the 2017 Las Vegas shooter, ruling that they aren't illegal machine guns.
UK Recalls Sandwiches Following E. coli Outbreak Linked to Hospitalizations
Greencore recalls thousands of Sandwiches, with 30 sandwich varieties implicated, due to E coli outbreak affecting 113 people in the UK, leaving 37 hospitalized.
Telehealth Executives Arrested After Illegally Distributing 40 Million Adderall Pills and Other Addictive Drugs
Done Global executives were arrested for orchestrating a $100 million scheme to illegally distribute over 40 million Adderall pills and other addictive drugs.
Neuroelectrics Seeks FDA Approval for Non-Invasive Headcap for Epilepsy Treatment
Neuroelectrics seeks FDA approval for its noninvasive head cap that uses mild electrical currents to treat brain diseases, potentially transforming care for epilepsy, depression, and Alzheimer’s.
Tyson Foods CFO John R. Tyson Suspended After DUI Arrest: Company Announces
Tyson Foods has suspended its Chief Financial Officer, John R. Tyson, following his arrest on charges including intoxicated driving.
Emirates Slapped With $1.8 Million Fine for Flights in Off-Limits Regions, Including Iraq
Emirates has been fined $1.8 million by the US for conducting flights over restricted regions, while JetBlue Airways was permitted to sell seats on these flights under a code-sharing agreement, sparki
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