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Alabama Alcohol Regulatory System Needs Reform

Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) of Alabama is focusing on sidewalk alcohol sales after what happened Connecticut.

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VC Firm Daphni Publicized Its $165M Fund

Paris-based VC Firm Daphni got a $165 Fund and they plan to do something new about it in terms of venture capital in Europe.

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Self Regulatory Mechanism

Governor of Punjab said to media that they should develop a self regulatory mechanism becauuse the media has an onerous responsibility as both facilitator and a watchdog.

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Goverment review all policies regarding gold

The government will be reviewing all the gold policies in the country because the import of the of it has dipped low in the first half of the year to 2017.

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US Investment Banking Returns To Spotlight

The banking investments in U.S. have made a come back. Their patience is now rewarded. JP Morgan and Citi standout this third-quarter.

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China Regulatory Agency Certifies Samsung Galaxy C9

China certifies Samsung Galaxy C9 through TENAA.

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Marijuana Legalization Faces Mere Contradictions

As many pushes for the legalization of Marijuana, others question and even contradicts.

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SEC OKs Fund Equity Rules

The Security and Exchnage Commission approves the ammended rules for mutual fund investors.

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ICAP Goes For Abide Financial For Global Regulatory Business Growth

Both aiming to expand business ventures, ICAP ties up with Abide Financial.

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Capita Suffers €1.15M For Regulatory Breaches

On upholding and a more strict implementation of its policies, the Central bank has fined Capita Life and Pensions Services Ireland for regulation breaches for 2015 and 2016.

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Saudi Arabia Shifts To Bond To Financial, Entertainment and Real Estate Sectors

Among the countries who are known to have a good performance in the world market, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may top the list. However, it faces some issues on its investments and world trade recently.

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Brexit Tightens Belt More for Regulation-Weary Traders

Brexit made it more strit in its action to regulate traders across the world. However, the effect is still uncertain.

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IRCC Promulgates Forward Projections For Immigration Regulations

The government of Canada has made a lot of amendment and implications for its immigration procedures and policies.

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Cities & Regions Embraces New VAT Rules

The European Commision has been alarmed with rising problems on fraud and fragmentation. Realizing the need to relax VAT rules, they made an action upon it.

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Approves Nuclear Reactor Start

Two nuclear reactors had been shut down but one of them will be up and running in several day and in just 2000 megawatts, it can give a million homes electricity.

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