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Chinese Man Gets Over 2 Years in Prison for Stealing $88,700 From Jeweler on Singapore Airlines Flight

A Chinese man was sentenced to two-and-a-half-year in prison for stealing around $88,700 from a Singaporean jeweler on a Singapore Airlines flight.

Bankruptcy Rules for Small Businesses Get Tighter After US Law Expires

The expiration of a popular US law on Friday has tightened bankruptcy rules for mid-sized and small businesses...

China, Australia Roll Out 5-Year Visas to Citizens for Business, Tourism

China and Australia will now offer each other's citizens multiple-entry visas valid for up to five years...

Federal Appeals Court Rules Employers Can Deny No-Cost Preventive Care for HIV Prep, Cancer Screenings

A federal appeals court in New Orleans has ruled that eight specific employers challenging federal health insurance requirements are not obligated to provide no-cost coverage for certain preventive ca..

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Whistleblower Alleges Airbnb Neglected Extremism Removal, Reinstated Capitol Attack Participants
A former Airbnb contractor has filed a whistleblower complaint alleging that the company compromised user safety by scaling back efforts to remove extremists from its platform and reinstating users in
Arkansas Tax Cuts Signed by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed legislation during a special session to reduce the state's property and income taxes, including cuts to corporate and individual rates.
Sweden Penalizes Nasdaq Stockholm for $9.5 Million for Regulatory Non-Compliance
Sweden's financial supervisory authority has fined Nasdaq Stockholm $9.59 million for multiple non-compliance with bourse rules in recent years.
WestJet Starts Canceling Flights as It Prepares for Strike by Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
WestJet has started canceling and consolidating flights in preparation for a potential strike by aircraft maintenance engineers and other tech operations employees.
US Senate Passes Bill to Fast-Track Nuclear Energy Expansion with Overwhelming Bipartisan Support
The US Senate passed a bill with strong bipartisan support to accelerate the deployment of nuclear energy by streamlining permits and creating incentives for advanced reactor technologies.
Snapchat Settles Sex Discrimination, Harassment Claims With $15 Million in California
Snapchat Inc. settled a $15 million lawsuit over female workers' discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment after a three-year inquiry.
Auto Dealership Software Service CDK Global Shuts Down After Cyberattack
Car dealership software service CDK Global has been hacked this week, causing massive outages to thousands of dealerships across the United States.
Victims' Families Urge DOJ to Fine Boeing $24.8 Billion, Prosecute Ex-CEO for 737 Max Disasters
Families of the Boeing 737 Max crash victims are urging federal officials to impose a $24.8 billion fine on Boeing and to prosecute former company executives.
Boeing CEO Defends Safety Standards and Apologizes to Families of 737 Max Crash Victims During Senate Hearing
Boeing CEO David Calhoun apologized to the families of the 737 Max crash victims and defended the company's safety record at a Senate hearing following multiple whistleblower allegations.
Record-Breaking Heatwaves Linked to New Shipping Fuel Regulations
A new study revealed that record-breaking heat waves are likely caused by new low-sulfur fuel regulations in ships implemented by the IMO in 2020, which reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by 80%.
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