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EMA Releases Webinar On Regulatory And Procedural Aspects Of Applications For Type I Variations

A webinar on Regulatory And Procedural Aspects Of Applications For Type I Variations is released by EMA.

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Strict Regulation Challenges Self-Driving Cars Starters

The rules and regulation for self-driving cars are now more strict.

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Alibaba Is Ready For A $1.48B Digital Media, Entertainment Investment Fund

Alibaba is investing $1.48B for its Digital Media and Entertainment. Likewise, it has been entering some investment deals like the one with Youtube.

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NASA Should Warn Elon Musk For Risking Astronauts Lives

Elon Musk is 'risking astronauts lives' with plan to refuel SpaceX rockets while they are onboard, experts warn NASA.

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AG Defends California Insurance Commissioner For A Regulatory Step

Oral arguments are heard this week by the California Supreme Court.Duringthe deliberation, the Attorney General’s office defended a regulatory move by Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones when the insurance industryfiled a case against them.

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Microgrid underpins Technological, regulatory, economic, and environmental Matters

Technological, regulatory, economic, and environmental underpinnings of microgrids

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Honda Plumps Over Tokyo For Al Research Silicon Valley

Honda is unto its another major activity in Tokyo. This time it is all about research.

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Asian Regulation Update: CFDA Suggests Device Monitoring Guidance

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration of China has released a draft to guide the post-marketing supervision of medical devices. Said guidance displays the role of regional and national regulators, manufacturers of medical devices and adverse event monitoring technology institutions in tracking the safety of the medical products after they are approved.

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Singapore Commences Trial On An Ex-Banker Linked To 1MDB Fund

A private Singaporean banker is under investigation as he was linked to 1MDB Fund.

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Canadian Government Takes Another Look On Nova Gas Transmission Regulation

Nova gas transmission reggulation has been reviewed by the canadian government.

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France 2nd Regulatory Reform Emphasizes Scope Enlargement Of CrowdInvesting And CrowdLending

All about France's reform regulation on crowdinvesting and crowdlending.

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Yemeni President Rejects UN Peace Deal

Airstrike killing people still continues as the Yemeni President turns down the proposed UN Peace Deal.

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New Australian Law Disallows Refugees From Settlement

Immigrants who are currently traveling in the seas to Australia or still planning to do so must reconsider to return to their home lands and not to continue their precarious journey.

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On Fight Against Crime: Activists Raise Funds For Zero Crime Effort

According to Eddie Fulmer, Bama Carry president, around $2,500 fund for the Tuscaloosa County Crime Stoppers were raised by gun rights activists during their second annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Saturday.

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Protestors from South Korea Asks For President Park’s Resignation

A battalion of enraged South Koreans protested last Saturday in Seoul, pushing Park Geun-hye to issue his official resignation as the country’s president.

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