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Biden Under Scrutiny for Supplying Tank Shells to Israel Without Congress' Approval

The Biden administration is facing heightened scrutiny for supplying tank shells to Israel without obtaining congressional approval.

Charting Obstacles in Berner's Business Journey

When it comes to the labyrinthine world of entrepreneurship, where the narrative revolves as much about groundbreaking innovations as it does ethical quandaries, Berner—also known as Gilbert Anthony M..

Abercrombie & Fitch Sued by Ex-CEO Mike Jeffries, Demanding to Cover Legal Fees Related to Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Former Abercrombie & Fitch Co. CEO Michael Jeffries has taken legal action against the apparel retailer...

Swiss Bank Banque Pictet Admits to Conspiring With US Taxpayers to Hide Over $5.6 Billion From IRS

Swiss bank Banque Pictet has acknowledged its involvement in a conspiracy with US taxpayers to conceal over $5.6 billion from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...

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Regulations For Okanagan Wine Industry In Favors Wine Makers
The Okanagan wine industry benefits from the regulatory changes that allow wine makers to indicate in the label the sub-region where the wine was produced.
FCC's Pai Urges To Fire Up Regulatory Weed Whacker
For Ajit Pai, it is now time to boost and fire up the Regulatory Weed Whacker.
Business Analysis: IG Investments In A Post-Regulatory World
The absence of strong regulatory governments only strengthens the need for IG investments to enable deals that create wealth. In many respects, the cross-border innovations in how wealth is created, i
Trump Declares War On Unions
Labor leaders said after the election they’d give him a chance to deliver on his pro-worker agenda. But the ceasefire appears over.
Financial Conduct Authority To Implement Stricter Rules In Spread-Betting
An investigation on spread-betting revealed that 82% of users lost money. In response, the Financial Conduct Authority proposed for stricter rules for the industry.
Regulatory Authority Fines Morgan Stanley $1.5 Million For Broken Link
The firm Morgan Stanley Smith Barney was fined $1.5 million for technical failures including a broken online link, preventing clients from checking fund prospectuses online for nine months.
WHO Prequalifies Rapid Diagnostic Test For Hepatitis C Virus
The World Health Organization has prequalified a tool for the quick diagnosis of hepatitis C. Since treatment for hepatitis C has become affordable and available in low and middle-income countries, th
Md Regulatory Reform
The commission of Maryland had issued a report and recommendation on regulatory reform.
Impleentation of the new EPA Rules
There is a new implement EPA rules and a percentage of this have been imposed by the President Obama.
U.S Research Disregarding Regulatory Paper Work
The U.S Research is now finally thinking of slashing the regulatory paper work and will be focusing on eliminating red tape.
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