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OpenAI Whistleblowers Urge SEC to Investigate 'Restrictive' NDAs

Whistleblowers urge the SEC to investigate OpenAI’s overly restrictive non-disclosure agreements, which block important employee disclosures for regulatory oversight.

Amazon Faces Legal Pressure Over Alleged Discrimination Against Pregnant Warehouse Workers

Federal Judge orders Amazon to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's subpoena investigating pregnancy discrimination claims by warehouse workers...

EU Regulators Accuse Elon Musk's X of Misleading Users With Blue Check Accounts

Elon Musk's social media platform, X, was initially found to be violating the Digital Services Act (DSA) by misleading users and failing to comply with key transparency standards...

AT&T Reveals Latest Data Breach Affected Customer Call and Text Records

AT&T disclosed a major data breach in 2022 that affected the call and text records of nearly all its mobile users over a six-month period. This is considered one of the largest breaches of private com..

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Tourists Not Welcome: Barcelona Locals Fire Water Guns at Visitors in Anti-Tourism Protest
Locals of the city of Barcelona took to the streets to protest the overtourism reported in the area, with some of them firing water guns at walking tourists.
Los Angeles Man Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Laundering Over $15 Million for Drug Traffickers
A Los Angeles man was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in laundering over $15.5 million for international drug traffickers.
Hatch Recalls Nearly 1 Million Baby Sound Machine Adapters in US, Canada Over Shock Hazard
Hatch is recalling nearly one million power adapters sold with baby sound machines in the US and Canada due to a shock hazard.
United Boeing 757 Safely Lands After Losing Wheel On Takeoff
A United Airlines Boeing 757 lost a landing gear wheel while taking off from LAX on July 8, but safely landed in Denver with no further incident.
Listeria Found in Al-Safa Frozen Chicken: USDA Recalls 2,010 Pounds Imported from Canada
The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service recalled 2,010 pounds of frozen ready-to-eat chicken imported from Canada by Al-Safa US due to potential contamination with listeria, discovered during ro
Tesla Shareholders Fight 'Outlandish' $7 Billion Legal Fee Demand Over Elon Musk's $56 Billion Pay Package
Tesla shareholders are urging a Delaware court to reject a $7 billion attorneys' fee request related to the lawsuit challenging CEO Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package.
Andrew Tate and Brother Tristan Accused of Dodging $26.46 Million in Tax and VAT, Court Hears
Andrew and Tristan Tate are accused of evading taxes and VAT on $26.46 million from their online businesses and OnlyFans accounts.
Boeing Pleads Guilty: A Timeline of 737 Max's Troubled History That Led to Criminal Charges
After two deadly 737 MAX crashes, Boeing finally pleaded guilty to criminal fraud charges with a $243.6 million fine. Here's how the criminal charges stacked up since 2018.
TikToker Exposes Scammer Promising $9,000 in Return for Sexual Photoshoot Involving 50 Men
A Singapore TikToker's viral video warns women about a scam offering $9,000 for a sexually suggestive photoshoot involving 50 men.
China's Hyper-Realistic Silicone Masks Raise Legal Concerns for Bypassing Facial Recognition
Hyper-realistic silicone masks in China, which can transform wearers into anyone, including celebrities, are found to bypass facial recognition, raising concerns about misuse and legal risks.
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