3D Printing Pen, BioPen, Will Enable Surgeons Draw Stem Cells Onto Patients' Bones and Joints Directly

BioPen uses 3D bioprinting technology to enable surgeons draw viable human stem cells in order to reconstruct bones of damaged joints. The product is still at the R&D stage and is still being actively tested and improved.

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Researchers developed a new electronic brain monitoring chip that dissolves after use

The initial study was conducted with rats, but it was confirmed that the researchers seek to extend the new findings to human. The biodegradable chip was expected to help doctors monitor their patients better while reducing risks of removal re-operation, such as infections.

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Marijuana entrepreneur prefers marijuana-user salespeople

Usage of marijuana has been doubled over the past years as laws and attitudes toward the drug dramatically transformed. Entrepreneurs of marijuana will choose their ambassadors to be users to relate the benefits of their products to customers.

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Sway Medical gains $750k in Series A fund, new partner, FDA clearance

Sway Medical announced that it received $750,000 in Series A funding.

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