Denmark Recalls South Korean Samyang Noodles for Poisoning Risks Due to Being Too Spicy

Denmark recalls Samyang's spicy noodles due to high capsaicin levels that can lead to"acute poisoning," especially if consumed by children.

Paramount, Skydance Merger Negotiations Abandoned Due to Shareholder Dispute

Paramount's merger talks with Skydance were abruptly ended by the controlling shareholder, National Amusements, just before the deal was finalized, citing unresolved "noneconomic terms" despite agreei..

Intel Reportedly Postpones Development of $25 Billion Chip-Manufacturing Plant in Israel

Intel plans to slow its multibillion-dollar expenditures in worldwide facilities, delaying the completion of its $25 billion chip production unit in Israel...

Apple Pay Soon to Offer Users ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Loans Through Affirm

Apple partners with Affirm for "buy now, pay later" loans...

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Waffle House Announces New Compensation Plan, Servers Could See Pay Raises
Waffle House is implementing a new compensation plan that includes pay raises for servers over the next three years.
Chiquita Brands Ordered to Pay $38.3 Million for Funding Paramilitary Group in Colombia
Chiquita Brands has been ordered by a federal jury in Florida to pay $38.3 million to 16 family members of victims killed by a paramilitary group it funded during Colombia's civil war.
GM Cuts EV Production Plans Due to Weaker Demand
GM is lowering its estimated sales and manufacture of EVs this year as adoption in the US slows.
Surge of Chinese EVs in Australia Sparks Dumping Concerns, Up to 50 Brands Expected by 2030
The influx of Chinese electric vehicles into the Australian car market, potentially reaching up to 50 brands by 2030.
GameStop Raises More Than $2 Billion After ‘Roaring Kitty’ Stock Rally
GameStop has announced that it raised about $2.14 billion in its second share offering in a month.
Amazon Sued by Thousands of Delivery Drivers Over Unpaid Wages, Contractor Status
Thousands of Amazon delivery drivers are suing the company, claiming that being classified as independent contractors instead of employees has resulted in unpaid wages and financial hardships.
Two Texas Men Get More Than 3 Years in Prison for Conspiracy to Sell Iranian Oil to China
Two Texas men were sentenced to 45 months in prison for trying to sell Iranian oil to a refinery in China in violation of US sanctions.
US Is Pursuing Nearly $200,000 USDT From Binance That Was Part of $1 Million Pig-Butchering Scam
The US government has filed a forfeiture complaint to reclaim nearly $200,000 of tether (USDT) from Binance, which was linked to pig-butchering scams that stole over $1 million.
Apple Vision Pro to Be Available in Australia, Canada, UK, and More Beginning June 28
Apple has announced the expansion of its Apple Vision Pro to new countries and regions.
US Bans Imports From 3 More Chinese Companies Tied to Uyghur Forced Labor
The US has added three more firms to a list that blocked imports from companies that are allegedly linked to Uyghur forced laborers in China.
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