Keeping the Beat With Josh Garza - Soul Inside of The Secret Machines

Borne from the streets of Dallas, TX, The Secret Machines rose to prominence as a progressive alternative rock band consisting of Brandon and Benjamin Curtis (Guitars, Vocals) and Josh Garza (Drums).

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Image by Michael Kopp from Pixabay

Why Do Educational Institutes Need Facility Services?

Facility service providers can create a better learning environment by operating and maintaining the building through a tailored solution to meet the specific requirements of your property.

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

How to Boost Your Financial Security

There are many ways to define "financial security," but at the core of that concept is the idea of not having to worry about money. At least not in the short or medium term. And if that is a situation you'd like to be in, here are some of the ways you can help make that happen.

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Better MCR Bahamas

Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas Delivers Incredible Investment Opportunities in One of the World’s Most Beautiful Locations

Whether it is a business looking to relocate or a family moving into one of the pristine neighborhoods, buyers and sellers alike require experts who not only understand the islands themselves but the unique housing market as well. With over 3 decades of experience and expertise, Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas is the most trusted name for luxury Bahamas real estate.

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Image by Rilson S. Avelar from Pixabay

Safe Places to Invest Your Money to Combat Inflation

Alternative to traditional investment vehicles may be safe havens against inflation.

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Allo Allo

Chinese E-Retailer Allo Allo Emerges As One Of The World’s Most Valuable E-Commerce Companies In 2022. Read On To Know How.

It was incepted in 2018 with the genuine intent to offer a wide range of refurbished tech products at the lowest prices to the general public.

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Photo by Lalit on Unsplash

Best Ways to Improve Manufacturing Productivity

However, what does it mean to increase manufacturing productivity? What steps should your company take to enhance manufacturing productivity? For your convenience, we've whittled the list down to the top strategies for boosting industrial productivity.

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Justen Alias

When Athletes Get Traded, Justen Alias Helps Them With Their Real Estate and Relocation Needs

Luxury real estate is not just about buying a home. It offers a lavish lifestyle with all the modern amenities that everyone dreams of. Justen Alias is at the forefront of luxury real estate in Miami, catering to the sophisticated needs of prominent names from the sports and entertainment industry.

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Ethereum’s Merge

How The Merge Has Already Changed The Face Of Crypto

After the successful completion of Ethereum's Merge - one of the most momentous watersheds in crypto's history - what comes next? Crypto has changed overnight, so beyond immediate market commentary - such as ETH reaching record volumes - and financial predictions, leaders in the crypto space need to focus on asking the right questions.

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James William Awad

Senior Reveals How to Overcome Artist’s Block

Senior aka James William Awad, musician becoming known for R&B and hip-hop, has vowed to his fans to publish one album per year, with his mind set on having a number one album on the charts. His third album is coming in August, and he manages to outdo himself each time.

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Scarlet Mick and Jason Girdner

Innovative Ideas: TECOBI and Jason Girdner Are Using Text Message Technology to Change How We Buy Cars

TECOBI founder Jason Girdner worked in the auto industry for years and saw this pain point in action all the time. He knew there must be a better way. He had his Eureka moment on the topic years ago, a system that would allow prospective car buyers to begin the process and ask most of their questions about pricing, features, safety, and more by SMS and text message.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

What Is Pre-Therapy And Why You Should Know About It

In the mental health field, we often think about treatment after someone has already reached a state of crisis, developed a mental illness, or has been given a diagnosis. But what if we could prevent mental illness before it even starts? That's where pre-therapy comes in.

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Parallel Health

Parallel Health: Paving the Way to Better Skin with Microbiome Science

Parallel Health, a skin telehealth company powered by microbiome science and genomics dedicated to clean, skin health, has recently come up with effective and innovative solutions for unique skin types with its proprietary system of products.

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Chris David

FMV Expert Chris David of HVG on Regulatory Compliance Risk: the Effect on Private Healthcare Deals

The healthcare industry is built on a complex web of laws and regulations designed to protect patients. However, some believe private investors' role in the healthcare industry is misplaced because its profit-driven focus is contrary to the ultimate goal of providing the best patient care possible.

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Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

Could 5G's Emergence Supercharge the Excitement of Live-Streamed Events?

It makes sense, then, that businesses should take advantage of this new technology, particularly when it comes to live-streamed events. 5G can make these events much better for all involved, and that can boost your profits. Read on to find out more.

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