TRVE Brewing Relocates Production Amid Craft Beer Industry Shifts

Denver-based TRVE Brewing has announced the closure of its Acid Temple facility amid industry challenges post-COVID-19 pandemic.

US Inflation Inches Up in January, Marking Smallest Annual Increase in Three Years

The Federal Reserve may decrease interest rates in June following the lowest annual gain in over three years in the United States...

OpenAI Faces SEC Investigation After CEO Sam Altman Allegedly Misled Investors

According to US regulators, they will be investigating internal communications to see if OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, potentially deceived investors...

GSK Settles California Lawsuit Over Zantac Cancer Allegations, Avoids Trial

GSK resolves California lawsuit over Zantac cancer claims in a confidential settlement, avoiding trial amid ongoing legal battles...

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Microsoft and FWD Group Extends Collaboration To Achieve AI-Powered Insurance Industry
The extended four-year collaboration will be set to revolutionize the insurance industry with AI-driven experiences using cutting-edge technology from Microsoft.
Alibaba's Response to SEC Investigation Reveals Chinese Government Ownership in Over 12 Business Units
The ownership stakes by the state ranged from below 10% to below 30% as China tightens control over its tech sector.
Stellantis Partners With Ayvens to Sell 500,000 Cars in Europe, Promoting Sustainable Transportation
Stellantis signed a multi-billion-euro framework arrangement with Ayvens to sell 500,000 automobiles in Europe over three years.
Oil Prices Continue to Fall as Dollar Strengthens, Inflation Fears Grow
Oil prices fell further as the dollar rose on market predictions that inflation will delay US interest rate reductions that have limited global fuel demand growth.
Lenovo Unveils Innovative Concept Laptop With Transparent Screen
Lenovo unveiled a see-through laptop prototype at MWC in Barcelona on Monday, February 26.
Build Club Founder Annie Liao Is Among Those Australians Who Quit Their Jobs to Chase the $1.8 Trillion AI Sector
Many Australians are now leaving their regular jobs for AI, and Annie Liao, a Sydney-based former banker and strategy consultant, was among them.
Red Sea Attacks by Houthi Rebels Affect Most UK Exporters, Survey Shows
A survey reveals that disruptions in the Red Sea have affected most UK exporters and manufacturers.
AT&T Offers Credit to Customers Affected by Network Outage
Following a more than 10-hour outage impacting over 70,000 users early Thursday, AT&T has announced that affected customers will receive credits to compensate for the incident.
UK PM Rishi Sunak Urges West to Be Bolder About Confiscating Russia's Frozen Assets
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has urged Western nations to adopt a more assertive stance in seizing Russia's assets that were frozen following the country's invasion of Ukraine.
VinFast Opens Its EV Manufacturing Plant In India To Create 3,500 Jobs
Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer VinFast expands its global footprint by inaugurating its first integrated manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India, with an investment of $500 million, aimi
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