Chinese Man Gets Over 2 Years in Prison for Stealing $88,700 From Jeweler on Singapore Airlines Flight

A Chinese man was sentenced to two-and-a-half-year in prison for stealing around $88,700 from a Singaporean jeweler on a Singapore Airlines flight.

Bankruptcy Rules for Small Businesses Get Tighter After US Law Expires

The expiration of a popular US law on Friday has tightened bankruptcy rules for mid-sized and small businesses...

China, Australia Roll Out 5-Year Visas to Citizens for Business, Tourism

China and Australia will now offer each other's citizens multiple-entry visas valid for up to five years...

Spotify Introduces New Basic Streaming Plan in the US

Spotify has unveiled a new basic streaming plan for users in the US...

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US Urges Japan, Netherlands to Further Limit Exports of Chipmaking Equipment to China
The United States (US) is urging Japan and the Netherlands to further hamper China's capability to produce high-tech semiconductors.
France Leads in Generative AI Funding Race in Europe
France is leading in the generative AI funding race in Europe, according to a new report.
Snapchat Settles Sex Discrimination, Harassment Claims With $15 Million in California
Snapchat Inc. settled a $15 million lawsuit over female workers' discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment after a three-year inquiry.
Auto Dealership Software Service CDK Global Shuts Down After Cyberattack
Car dealership software service CDK Global has been hacked this week, causing massive outages to thousands of dealerships across the United States.
Dice Menu Inc. Ai-Powered Catering Made Easy
Catering is a complex world that requires several logistics that most individuals never even consider. Jay Shah, co-founder of Dice Menu, an officer catering company, explains that traditional caterin
Breaking Down Solar Energy Barriers and Filling Market Gaps: YouSolar's Nanogrid Solution
By providing reliable energy storage, affordability, and grid independence, YouSolar's state-of-the-art approach enhances the accessibility and reliability of solar power solutions. How does YouSolar
OpenAI Co-Founder Ilya Sutskever Reveals New AI Startup Safe Superintelligence
OpenAI co-founder and former chief scientist Ilya Sutskever revealed his new startup called Safe Superintelligence.
French President Macron Faces EU Backlash Due to France's Excessive Debt
France is being criticized by the European Commission for its excessive debt levels, prompting a rebuke that could complicate President Macron's reelection.
Nestlé Expects Chocolate Demand to Drop as Cocoa Prices Rise
Nestlé warns of potential reduced chocolate consumption due to soaring cocoa costs, which may force price hikes and impact consumer demand.
Record-Breaking Heatwaves Linked to New Shipping Fuel Regulations
A new study revealed that record-breaking heat waves are likely caused by new low-sulfur fuel regulations in ships implemented by the IMO in 2020, which reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by 80%.
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