Florida Man Sets Himself on Fire in Broad Daylight Outside Donald Trump Hush Money Trial Courthouse

A man set himself on fire on Friday outside a New York courthouse where former President Donald Trump's hush money criminal trial was being held.

SSI Payment for May 2024: Supplemental Security Income Recipients to See Double Amount in Payout

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program aims to assist aged, blind, and disabled people with low or no income...

Michigan Family Sues Wendy's for $20 Million After 11-Year-Old Girl Suffered Deadly E.Coli Infection

A Michigan family of an 11-year-old girl has filed a $20 million lawsuit alleging that their daughter was severely infected with an E. coli-related disease due to what they described as "disgusting" c..

American Millionaire Charged in Brutal Murders of Canadian Tycoon and His Partner in Dominica Denied Bail

American millionaire Jonathan Lehrer, charged in the brutal murders of a wealthy Canadian couple in Dominica, has been denied bail...

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Brazilian Woman Wheels Her Dead Uncle Into the Bank to Withdraw Loan in His Name
Police in Brazil arrested a woman suspected of bringing her dead uncle to a bank to withdraw a four-figure loan.
Missing Billionaire, Who Was Declared Dead in 2021, Is Believed to Be Alive and Living With His Mistress in Russia
A missing billionaire, who was declared dead in 2021, is suspected to be alive and living with his mistress in Russia.
UPDATE: Google Employees Arrested and Fired After Staging Protests Over Company's Project Nimbus Deal With Israel
Several Google employees were arrested on Tuesday following their sit-in protests at the company's offices in New York City and California.
ASML's Sales Drop Drags Chip Stocks, But CEO Wennink is Still Optimistic
ASML's sales drop dragged chip stocks. Despite this, CEO Peter Wennink is still optimistic.
US Report: North Korea Producing Viruses, Bacteria for Germ Warfare Program
According to the United States' most recent assessment of Pyongyang's weapons of mass destruction, Kim Jong Un's regime is genetically engineering the ingredients for bacteria, viruses, and toxins as
Dubai's 'Apocalyptic' Superstorm Strikes World's Busiest Airport After Historic Rainfall Causes Flood Chaos, Cancelled Flights
Tragically, there has been a loss of life due to the heavy rain and flooding that has caused widespread disruption in Dubai.
Convicted Fraudster Accused of Killing Wealthy Heiress Wife in Swimming Pool to Cash in on Over $4 Million Fortune
A court heard allegations that a husband deliberately drowned his wealthy wife in a swimming pool to inherit her $4.3 million fortune, according to her family.
Miss AI Crown: Stunning 'Fake,' AI-Generated Women to Compete in the World's First AI Beauty Pageant
In a fusion of traditional beauty pageantry and cutting-edge AI technology, the world's first AI beauty pageant is set to make waves with its unconventional lineup of contestants competing for the tit
Student Loan Forgiveness 2024: President Joe Biden Unveils New Plan to Cancel Debt of 25 Million Borrowers
The Biden administration has announced its official plans to address the issue of ballooning interest and alleviate the burden of student loan debt for borrowers.
LinkedIn Unveils Top 10 Best US Companies to Work for in 2024 — And the No. 1 Firm Isn't From the Tech Industry
LinkedIn unveiled its annual list of the top 10 best companies to work for in the US in 2024 on Tuesday.
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