China Space Tourism: Tiangong Space Station Could Soon Host Tourists!

China's space tourism could soon happen as the government considers allowing the Tiangong space station to host tourists.

Illinois Woman, Who Mysteriously Drowned After Giving $1.5 Million to Online Romance Scammers, Knew She'd 'End up Dead'

An Illinois woman who mysteriously drowned to death left a letter for her daughter to tell her that she knew she would "end up dead" after losing $1.5 million to an online romance scam...

Amazon's New Facility in Johnston County Brings Over 1,000 Jobs

The facility was officially opened on Tuesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Amazon officials and local leaders...

Student Loan Forgiveness Processing for This Group of Borrowers Will Stop Next Week

The temporary suspension of student loan forgiveness is part of a larger attempt to move the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program to a new servicing platform...

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California To Prevent Bosses From Calling Employees After Work Hours! What To Know About New Bill
California is now considering measures to restrict bosses from contacting their employees outside of work hours.
Elderly Businessman Viciously Killed by Caretaker for Disturbing His Sleep
An elderly businessman was killed by his caretaker for allegedly disturbing him while he was sleeping.
95% of Americans Are Looking to Land New Jobs This Year: Survey
A recent survey found that 95% of Americans expressed intentions to seek new employment opportunities in 2024.
Man Accused of Recording Minors in Bojangles Coliseum Bathroom Found Dead at Home
A man who was allegedly involved in the covert recording of boys in the bathroom of Charlotte's Bojangles Coliseum has passed away.
Alaska Airlines Passenger Loses Pet Dog During Loading Due to Airline Misstep
An Alaska Airlines passenger experienced distress when her pet dog, Moose, was mistakenly left off a flight from North Carolina to Seattle.
Chinese Businessman Sentenced to Death by Hanging for Killing His Nigerian Girlfriend Who Was Trying to Leave Him
A Chinese businessman was sentenced to death for the murder of his girlfriend two years ago in Nigeria.
Finland: World's Happiest Country To Offer Free Happiness Masterclass; Here's Who May Join!
Visit Finland and Helsinki Partners have teamed up to offer a free happiness masterclass in Finland.
Selected Student Loan Borrowers to Receive Refunds Aside From Loan Forgiveness: Who's Eligible?
To correct the injustice of those who were paying debt for longer than needed, student loan borrowers who made payments beyond their eligibility for cancellation are now entitled to refunds.
Washington Governor Jay Inslee Signs Strippers’ Bill of Rights Into Law — Here's What You Need to Know
Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed the strippers' bill of rights into law on Monday.
Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Social Media Ban for Minors; Companies May Pay Up to $50,000 Per Violation
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed HB 3 into law on Monday, implementing measures to regulate minors' access to social media platforms.
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