[UPDATE] FTC Faces Lawsuit Over Its Noncompete Clauses Ban! Can the US Chamber of Commerce Stop It?

The FTC is now facing a lawsuit from the US Chamber of Commerce. Will this prevent FTC's noncompete clauses ban?

China Space Tourism: Tiangong Space Station Could Soon Host Tourists!

China's space tourism could soon happen as the government considers allowing the Tiangong space station to host tourists...

Illinois Woman, Who Mysteriously Drowned After Giving $1.5 Million to Online Romance Scammers, Knew She'd 'End up Dead'

An Illinois woman who mysteriously drowned to death left a letter for her daughter to tell her that she knew she would "end up dead" after losing $1.5 million to an online romance scam...

Amazon's New Facility in Johnston County Brings Over 1,000 Jobs

The facility was officially opened on Tuesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Amazon officials and local leaders...

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Trudeau Government Announces Tax Hike on Wealthy Canadians in Federal Budget to Fund Housing
The new tax increase raises the taxable portion of capital gains exceeding $250,000 Canadian (US$181,000) from half to two-thirds.
Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 2024: Here's How to Get New Ice Cream Flavors
Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day this 2024 features new ice cream flavors. Here's how to get yours!
Denmark: Iconic 400-Year-Old Copenhagen Stock Exchange Building Collapses in Fire
A fire broke out during renovations at Denmark's historic stock exchange in Copenhagen today, causing the building to erupt into flames.
How Uber Handles the Killing of Female Driver Who Was Shot by 81-Year-Old Man After Scammers Targeted Both of Them
Uber has described the shooting and killing of its female driver by an 81-year-old Ohio man as "a horrific tragedy."
How to Pass the Job Interview? This Lawyer Shares Magic Trick! Here's What You Should Do
A lawyer shares a magic trick for passing a job interview. Here's what you should do.
OJ Simpson's Last Will and Testament: Executor Vows To Do Everything To Ensure That Murder Victims' Families Will Get 'Zero'
OJ Simpson had a substantial debt of over $100 million to the families of murder victims Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown at the time of his passing, but his lawyer openly expressed his desire for them to
Innocent Female Uber Driver, 61, Shot Dead by 81-Year-Old Ohio Man Who Was Targeted by Scammers
A man in his 80s has been detained by Ohio authorities on suspicion of killing an Uber driver while both were the focus of a "scam call."
San Francisco Business Owner Starts Hunger Strike to Protest Controversial New Bike Lane
A business owner in San Francisco has embarked on a hunger strike to bring attention to a new bike lane on Valencia Street, which he believes will negatively affect business operations along the corri
Sydney Stabbing Suspect Killed Prominent Businessman John Singleton's Daughter While Shopping for Her Wedding
Dawn Singleton, daughter of advertising mogul John Singleton, was tragically one of the six victims in a horrific knife attack at Westfield shopping center in Bondi Junction on Saturday.
Sydney Shopping Center Stabbing: 6 Dead, Others Injured, Including 9-Month-Old Baby, After Knifeman Attacks Random Shoppers
A stabbing attack erupted at a Sydney shopping center that left several individuals, including a small kid, injured and resulted in the deaths of five people and one suspect, according to police.
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