Roberto Cavalli, Founder of Italian Luxury Fashion House, Dead at 83

Roberto Cavalli was a renowned fashion designer who founded the Roberto Cavalli company in the 1970s.

[SURVEY] 85% of Americans Who Max Out Credit Cards Blame Inflation, Leading To $10K To $30K CC Debt

A new survey revealed that 85% of Americans who max out their credit cards blame the U.S. economic inflation...

Spirit Airlines Staff at Florida Airport Filmed Cursing a 'Karen' Passenger After Moaning About Her Flight

A video has surfaced showing a heated confrontation between a Spirit Airlines staff and a passenger on the check-in line at a Florida airport...

Joe Biden Administration Touts Over 17 Million New Business Applications as More Americans Dream of Being Their Own Boss

The White House has revealed that the number of small business applications in the United States has exceeded 17 million since President Joe Biden assumed office...

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Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, 92, Finds New Love, Gets Engaged to 67-Year-Old Girlfriend
Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, 92, got engaged to his 67-year-old girlfriend, Elena Zhukova.
Trader Joe's Chicken Soup Dumplings Possibly Contaminated With Hard Plastic, Leading To Recall
Trader Joe's chicken soup dumplings are possibly contaminated with hard plastic. Here's what FSIS announced.
Man Killed by Vitamin D Supplements He Took for 9 Months; Coroner Calls for Side Effect Warning to Supplement Labels
An 89-year-old man died due to complications arising from excessive intake of vitamin D supplements.
Michael Dell Is Now the World's 12th Wealthiest Person — How Much Is His Net Worth?
Michael Dell is now the world's 12th wealthiest person. How much is his net worth?
US CDC Issues New COVID-19 Guidelines, Ending 5-Day Isolation Period for Americans Who Test Positive
Americans who test positive for COVID-19 would no longer need to be isolated for at least five days before returning to work or school, according to new guidance released by the Centers for Disease Co
Italian Defense Giant CEO Calls AI Threat A 'Stupidity,' Shows Concerns Over Humans Instead
For Roberto Cingolani, AI is not the problem; human control is.
Willy Wonka-Inspired Event in Glasgow Ends With Visitors Calling Police as They Believe They Got Scammed
A Willy Wonka-inspired fan experience in Glasgow, Scotland, did not leave a sweet taste to ticketholders.
In South Korea, Companies Are Paying Workers up to $75,000 to Have Babies
Some companies in South Korea are giving employees up to $75,000 bonuses to have babies.
Elon Musk Mocks Canada's Justin Trudeau by Sharing Real Images of Him in 'Brownface,' Various Costumes, Then Credited Them to AI Tool
Elon Musk has mocked Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by sharing real photos of him in "brownface" and different ethnic costumes on X and then sarcastically crediting them to Google's Gemini AI
Wyze Camera Breach Enables 13,000 Users to Peek Into Strangers' Homes
Wyze has confirmed that a camera breach allowed some 13,000 users to see sensitive content from strangers' devices.
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