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Huawei Opens $1.4 Billion R&D Campus in Shanghai to Attract Foreign Talent

Huawei completes its $1.4 billion R&D center in Shanghai's Qingpu district to attract 30,000 foreign R&D talents and focus on semiconductor, wireless, and IoT technologies.

Apple's Market Value Hits $3.6 Trillion After Morgan Stanley Praised Its AI Efforts

Apple's stock rose 2% after Morgan Stanley upgraded its rating and price target, citing optimism over Apple Intelligence's potential. This pushed its market value to $3.6 trillion...

Foxconn Prepares for Apple's Increased iPhone 16 Production With Wage Hikes and Bonuses

Foxconn is ramping up hiring and production at its Zhengzhou iPhone plant ahead of Apple's iPhone 16 launch, offering competitive wages and bonuses to meet production demands...

TSMC Shares Rise Despite Expectations of Tighter 2025

Shares of the TSMC rose to a record intraday high in Taipei’s stock market after Morgan Stanley and other brokers boosted price targets on the company before its earnings...

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US, Japan, South Korea Make Collaboration Commitment in Key Tech Capabilities
The United States, Japan, and South Korea have agreed to strengthen its cooperation on building more resilient supply chains and developing key technologies, particularly semiconductors, clean energy,
Nvidia Stocks Surpass Microsoft in Becoming Most Valuable in Big Tech Market
Nvidia officially surpassed Microsoft Tuesday (June 18) as the world’s most valuable company after its stock price is valued at $135 per share.
Apple Reportedly Limits Apple Intelligence to iPhone 15 Pro Models to Make Customers Buy Newer Devices
Apple's generative AI feature, "Apple Intelligence," is exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro models only, according to analysts. The company is using this strategy to nudge customers with older models to upgrad
Apple Faces New Lawsuit That Claims of Underpaying Female Workers in California
Apple is facing a proposed class action lawsuit alleging it systematically underpaid over 12,000 female employees in California.
Naieel Technology: Developing Essential Nanomaterials to Fuel Fundamental Advancements in AI, Batteries, and Beyond
Without advancements in nanomaterial production, the potential for progress and benefits across various industries is limited, thereby resulting in reduced innovation in materials science, slower adva
Apple Vision Pro to Be Available in Australia, Canada, UK, and More Beginning June 28
Apple has announced the expansion of its Apple Vision Pro to new countries and regions.
Apple Stock Increases 5% Following 'Apple Intelligence' Announcement
Apple's stock surged over 5% after the company announced its new AI platform, "Apple Intelligence," signaling optimism among investors and analysts.
Nokia CEO Revolutionizes Phone Call Experience With Immersive 3D Spatial Audio
Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark used "immersive audio and video" to make a call more realistic using three-dimensional sound.
FDA, DOJ Unveil New Task Force to Combat Illegal Distribution and Sale of E-Cigarettes in the US
The US FDA and DOJ have announced the formation of a task force to combat the illegal distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes.
Elon Musk Threatens to Ban iPhones from His Companies in Escalation of Tensions vs. Apple, OpenAI
Elon Musk has threatened to ban Apple iPhones from X, Tesla, and SpaceX, calling the tech giant’s deal with OpenAI a security risk, and saying that Apple has ‘no clue’ that its data might be compromis
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