Naieel Technology: Developing Essential Nanomaterials to Fuel Fundamental Advancements in AI, Batteries, and Beyond

By David Thompson

Jun 13, 2024 02:36 AM EDT

Naieel Technology: Developing Essential Nanomaterials to Fuel Fundamental Advancements in AI, Batteries, and Beyond(Naieel Technology) (Credit: Getty Image)

We all know we would be lost without our smartphones, our laptops, and the AI we use every day. But what many of us don't take time to consider is that all of the electronics we use produce heat, and for them to work properly, they need thermal conducting materials to spread the heat quickly and efficiently. Those materials prevent semiconductor chips, wearable sensors, LEDs, EVs, even medical devices, and so much more from overheating.

The problems with most current nanomaterials, even with their superior functionalities, are expensive to produce, and it is difficult to achieve consistent quality and purity. Likewise, large-scale manufacturing is a big challenge, and there are many potential health and environmental risks. Integration issues are also a problem with existing technologies. Without advancements in nanomaterial production, the potential for progress and benefits across various industries is limited, thereby resulting in reduced innovation in materials science, slower advancements in electronics and energy storage, and missed opportunities in medical and environmental applications.

Fortunately, Naieel Technology is at the forefront of developing these essential and advanced nanomaterials. The company specializes in Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT), which is known for its exceptional properties including thermal conducting, chemical/​thermal stability, electrical insulation and mechanical strength and cosmic radiation shielding, but they have been equally notorious for their difficulty to mass-produce. Fortunately, change is in the air.

Despite challenges with BNNT, renowned Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute researcher, founder, and CEO Dr. Jaewoo Kim has developed a unique patented synthesis method that enables the production of almost one ton of BNNT per year using a small pilot system; this capacity makes it scalable to meet increasing industrial demands.

Kim explains, "BNNT faces misconceptions regarding the ability to mass produce them due to the prominence of other 'noble but complicated and expensive' tools like lasers and plasmas. However, our research dispels this bias and demonstrates that BNNT can indeed be produced in large quantities. By challenging these misconceptions, we aim to open doors for widespread adoption of BNNT across industries and among researchers, particularly in the United States."

Additionally, Naieel Technology's innovative thermochemical reaction process is also more cost-effective than other synthesis technologies as well. Their process operates at relatively lower temperatures and utilizes conventional, inexpensive equipment, unlike the costly and less efficient competitive tools such as lasers and plasmas.

Naieel Technology's method is not only scalable and cost-effective but also relies on proprietary precursor technology developed in-house. These precursors, essential for BNNT synthesis, have enabled Naieel Technology to achieve unparalleled production efficiency, setting a new standard in the industry. Established in 2015, Kim aims to commercialize BNNT and its applications across various high-tech industries.

Applications of BNNT

BNNT has the potential to revolutionize multiple industries due to their unique properties. In the semiconductor business, BNNT enhances thermal management, which is crucial for devices in IT/IoT, including AI and sensors for robotics. Their ability to efficiently conduct heat addresses the dissipation of the heat in smaller, faster computing devices. Another major advantage of BNNT is its ability to enhance lithium-ion battery performance by enabling faster Li-ion movement within cells, making the batteries more efficient. With 2030 quickly approaching, that is critical. Naieel Technology is actively engaging with a number of major global companies to integrate BNNT into their products.

The future of the BNNT market looks promising, with significant growth potential over the next five years. As industrial adoption of BNNT increases, particularly in high-tech and energy sectors, Naieel Technology is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. The company's advancements in production technology ensure it can meet the growing demand for BNNT, driving market expansion.

Naieel Technology's potential is vast. With its pioneering BNNT synthesis technology and scalable production capabilities, Naieel Technology is in a position to lead the global market in its applications across industries. As we know, the development and use of technology and the need for BNNT aren't going anywhere but up. With AI and batteries alone, the industrial demand for advanced thermal management and efficient energy solutions is mind-blowing. But one founder's mind isn't blown; it's Kim's, and with Naieel Technology, he is ready and willing to meet the growing demands.

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