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Amazon introduces Dash Replenishment Program on devices

Amazon introduced the Dash Replenishment service on selected devices. The devices powered by Amazon Dash Replenishment program could enable customers to order everyday fundamentals automatically from Amazon.

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Major device makers including Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft were reportedly involved in child labor

The child labor reported is taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in cobalt mines. The estimation says that about 40,000 children are working for the mines. Companies listed in the report gave various responses following the accusations.

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Microsoft to bring Windows Word Flow keyboard to iPhone

Microsoft is planning to bring its Windows Phone keyboard Word Flow to the iPhone, and is now recruiting iPhone users to test a beta version of the software.

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Samsung Reached a Deal to Manufacture The Latest Qualcomm Processor

Samsung Electronics announced that it will produce the latest Qualcomm processor. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 will be mass produced using Samsung technology.

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Apple Sales Grow Amid Down Trending Global Market

Gartner, a technology research firm has represented Apple through a study report as the lone PC vendor to post positive sales growth during 2015. The tech giant currently enjoys a market chunk of 7.5%. Apple’s performance appears to be shining since the worldwide PC market is passing through a negative sales trend for the fourth straight year.

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Google And Facebook Emphasize on VR Projects, Reshuffle Executives

Google has assigned Cardboard famous Clay Bavor as the head of its virtual reality projects. Facebook has also assigned Instagram’s director of product as Head of Product management in its VR subsidiary, Oculus. The concurrent moves have been analyzed as their keenness for reigning over VR market.

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Amazon's Echo Smart Speakers Play Jeopardy Over Voice Commands

Amazon has recently updated its Echo Smart speaker. The added features include playing Jeopardy through voice commands. This trigger word makes the artificially intelligent in built smart speaker to respond and get engaged with question- answer phrases. The updated Echo smart speaker will be charged through docked stations instead of traditional plugging in system round the clock.

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US holiday sales up, but not at malls

The shopping volume during the US holiday season registered an overall growth of 2.4 percent during 31 October 2015 to 4 January 2016. However, physical sales at malls were not equally rosy as online sales rose 4.6 percent. It's estimated that restaurants and travel segments recorded good business this holiday season as US consumers prefer to spend more.

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Xiaomi Redmi 3 is Launched as an Inexpensive and Beautiful Phone

Chinese phonemaker Xiaomi introduces its new Redmi 3 on Monday. With its full-metal body, the Redmi 3 is a beautiful phone with unexpectedly lower price.

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Chinese Startups Showing Major Innovation and Potential at CES 2016

The Chinese startups showing off their products at CES this year demonstrated the large amount of innovations being created in the country. The companies debuted impressive smartphones, car-smartphone integrations, and giant helicopter-like drones.

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Apple will build a tool to transfer data to Android

Apple has agreed to build a tool that will help users to transfer data from iOS to Android due to lots of pressure from mobile carriers. Although the company has not specified the date of release, the news means that Apple is ready to open up its ecosystem and will be in fair competition with other manufacturers.

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Nexus 6P Shines in CES With its New Gold Color

Google and Huawei presented new color to Nexus 6P flagship product: matted gold. Previously only available in Asia, but now it can be purchased in the U.S.

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Thinner, Future Apple Handsets Will Glitter With Borrowed Technologies

Apple is possibly going to bid farewell to the headphone sockets in its new models of iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 plus/ iPhone 6C. This process will make the phone even thinner than normal, while Wolfson Microelectronics will remove background noise during listening to music and making phone calls. But all the changes, Apple is rumored to adopt, are features borrowed from market rivals.

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U.S. Marshall Raided Hoverboard Booth at CES 2016

U.S. Marshall showed up at Consumer Electronic Show 2016 on Thursday. The federal official raided an alleged counterfeit hoverboard booth on court order, upon request from Future Motion.

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The World's First Smart Bra is Introduced in CES 2016

One innovative product appears in CES 2016. OMsignal, the pioneer of smart clothing introduces a smart bra that is able to function as fitness tracker.

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