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Evolve Renewable Materials Inc: Pioneering Green Technology in Battery Recycling

In order to significantly reduce the demand for new lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese and minimize waste and unsafe disposal, efficient recycling of end-of-life vehicle batteries is essential. Effective and safe recycling practices amidst the growing adoption of batteries and electricity are needed to mitigate the negative environmental impact as well. The team at Evolve Renewable Materials Inc. couldn't agree more and is setting a new standard of sustainability in the lithium battery industry.

Water Shortage Is Potential Price-Hiker for Chipmakers: Here’s Why

Reportedly, semiconductor businesses may confront water shortages as chip production technology advances...

Apple CEO Tim Cook Reveals the Company's Significant Investments in Generative AI

Apple CEO Tim Cook has unveiled the company's significant investments in generative AI during the firm's annual shareholder meeting...

MWC 2024: From Bendable Phones and See-Through Laptops, Here Are Some of the Eye-Catching Gadgets on Display

Here's a look at some of the latest gadgets that were revealed at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain...

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Tag Heuer teams up with Google and Intel to launch Android smartwatch
Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has unveiled its first Android smartwatch called "Tag Heuer Connected". Tag Heuer Connected combines Swiss watch's classic Carrera design with the U.S. technology.
Chronos Turn Your Favorite Wrist Watch Into Smart Watch
Smartwatch offers a new level of comfort with more than just a timekeeping. However, smartwatch have not been able to penetrate market well enough. A new innovation from Trivoly is expected to bridge
Different Apple Watch Categories Launched in India
Apple, the first-grade international technological device company, has been introducing new upgraded devices every year. According to Mashable, Apple 6 and 6S was recently launched in India, and the s
Apple Watch Now Available for purchase in India
Apple Watch is now available in India, one month after iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus became available in the country. 9to5Mac reported that the Apple Watch starts at Rs 30,900 in India. The 38mm and 42
Super conductor Graphene brings the new wave to energy efficient electronics development
Graphene, one of the atomic forms of carbon, has been widely used to increase flexibility, transparency, and conductivity of electronics application and has begun to reach other application areas.
Samsung Gear S2: A new way to revolutionize the modern world
In the fast growing world of technology, different technological companies are contending each other in order to get hold of the global market. In order to do so, sharp and creative minds enrolled are
iPad Pro to hit the shelves next week
At Apple's iPhone 6 launch on 9th September, Apple also unveiled its iPad Pro, a 12.9inch wonder gadget described as the most capable and powerful iPad ever created making it a most wonderful gift thi
GoPro misses revenue targets on sluggish sales, marketing mistakes
GoPro Inc has announced quarterly results below the market forecast as the demand for new cameras has been sluggish in the market. Recently launched wearable cameras haven't been received well by the
Apple creates quality program to address MacBook 'Staingate' problem
The anti-reflective display coating of some Retina MacBook Pro owners easily wear off and get scratched. This problem has sparked complaints among users and has made its way into Social Media and the
Oculus Story Studio Introduces a New Fuzzy Character for Oculus Rift
Oculus Story Studio has released a new virtual reality movie for the Oculus Rift featuring a charming quill-covered animated character, Henry the hedgehog.
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