Token Growth Studio TDeFi CEO Judges Next Crypto Unicorn at PBW's 'Meet the Drapers'
TDeFi: $10 million prize pool at Paris Blockchain Week's 'Meet the Drapers'
FTC Sues to Block Tapestry's $8.5 Billion Takeover of Capri Holdings in Massive Luxury Fashion Merge
The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit on Monday to halt Tapestry Inc.'s $8.5 billion acquisition of Capri Holdings, which would unite the Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors brands.
Trump Media to Grant Donald Trump $1.25 Billion Stock Bonus This Week
Former President Donald Trump is on track to receive a sizable stock bonus from Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. this week, amounting to over $1.25 billion.
Amazon Is Ending Drone Deliveries in California, Eyes Arizona Expansion
Amazon has ceased drone delivery operations in Lockeford, California, as it prepares to expand its Prime Air program in Arizona.
EU Launches Formal Probe Against TikTok Lite Over Potentially Addictive Feature
TikTok Lite, recently introduced in France and Spain, includes a "Task and Reward Lite" program, enabling users to earn points for various in-app activities. However, the EU worries about its potentia
Elon Musk Prioritizing Robotaxi Over Affordable Tesla Models Contributed to Profit Drop
Tesla is shifting its focus to the Robotaxi initiative amidst stock declines and internal changes, raising concerns among investors about the company's future direction.
Japanese Regulators Demand Google to Fix Ad Search Restrictions Affecting Yahoo
Japan's antitrust watchdog has instructed Google to address its advertising search limitations impacting Yahoo in Japan, following an investigation showing Google's practices that undermine fair compe
Apple Reportedly Acquired French AI Startup Datakalab, Focusing on AI and Computer Vision
Apple has acquired Datakalab, a Paris-based startup specializing in AI compression and computer vision technology, which hints at potential advancements in features like Photos and Face ID in iOS 18.
Russia Reportedly Jammed GPS of Over 46,000 Aircraft, Disrupting Flights to and From Europe
Suspected Russian jamming of GPS systems has disrupted thousands of flights over the Baltic Sea, affecting over 46,000 aircraft, prompting safety concerns among airlines like Ryanair, Wizz Air, Britis
Swiss Banks Under Fire for Sharing Client Data with CIA for Anti-Terror Probes
Swiss banks are criticized for sharing banking data with the CIA, sparking debate over privacy rights and law enforcement needs, while Switzerland's Finance Minister defends the decision.
Bitcoin Mining Companies to Invest in AI After Drop in Revenues
Bitcoin miners are adapting to reduced revenues post-halving by investing in innovative solutions, while some are also exploring opportunities in artificial intelligence.
Russia Sentences Meta Platforms Spokesperson Andy Stone to 6 Years in Prison for Publicly Defending 'Terrorism'
In a ruling delivered in absentia, a military court in Russia has sentenced Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta Platforms, to six years in prison.
HYBE America Director Scooter Braun Reportedly Backed Idea of Killing Babies in Gaza
HYBE America Director Scooter Braun has faced criticism in recent months for his active role in promoting Zionism amid Israel's assault on civilian life in the Gaza Strip.
Clothing Retailer Express to Shutter Over 100 Outlets as It Declares Bankruptcy
US multi-brand clothes retailer Express Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will close over 100 stores.
Grindr: Potential Legal Action Looms Against Dating App Over Allegedly Sharing Users’ HIV Status With Ad Firms
Grindr may be sued by users who say the dating app exposed their HIV status and other confidential information to advertising firms.
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