Disneyland Cast Members Move One Step Closer to Unionizing as They File for Union Vote
Disneyland cast members who work in the shows, parades, and visitor meet-and-greets at the amusement park are getting closer to becoming a union.
Brazilian Woman Wheels Her Dead Uncle Into the Bank to Withdraw Loan in His Name
Police in Brazil arrested a woman suspected of bringing her dead uncle to a bank to withdraw a four-figure loan.
Missing Billionaire, Who Was Declared Dead in 2021, Is Believed to Be Alive and Living With His Mistress in Russia
A missing billionaire, who was declared dead in 2021, is suspected to be alive and living with his mistress in Russia.
Dali Ship Owner Asks Cargo Owners to Cover Salvage Costs After Deadly Baltimore Bridge Collapse
The owner of the enormous container ship Dali, which caused Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge to collapse last month, has started the process of making the owners of the cargo on board to pay some
Melania Trump Named Potential Witnesses in Donald Trump Hush Money Criminal Trial: Can She Be Forced to Take the Stand?
Can Melania Trump be forced to testify in the hush money criminal trial against her husband, former President Donald Trump? Here's what legal experts say.
Australia: March Employment Falls Short as Jobless Rate Continues to Climb
Australia's employment fell in March following a big surge in February, while the jobless rate rose.
Cisco Introduces New AI Security System Following $28 Billion Acquisition of Splunk
Cisco introduces a cutting-edge security system that harnesses the power of AI, following its acquisition of Splunk in a massive $28 billion agreement.
Donald Trump Is Eyeing Middle-Class Tax Cut Should He Take Down Joe Biden and Win Back the White House: Report
Former President Donald Trump is reportedly considering implementing a new tax cut targeting the American middle class if he returns to the White House.
Red Lobster Explores Bankruptcy Amid Mounting Debt: Reports
Red Lobster is facing potential financial difficulties due to its increasing debt and may be considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
US Plans to Lift Tariff Exceptions to Dominant Chinese Solar Panel Imports as Biden Accuses Beijing of 'Cheating' on Its Steel Trade Practices
The Biden Administration is anticipated to lift tariff exemptions on bifacial solar panels in response to a petition spearheaded by Qcells, a company that has made a significant investment in US manuf
Tesla Spends $200,000 in Promoting Elon Musk's Social Media Platform X Following Mention of 'Minimal Advertising Efforts'
Tesla has allocated approximately $200,000 towards advertising on Elon Musk's social media platform, X.
Telegram Russian Founder Says Messaging App to Cross 1 Billion User Mark Soon as It Continues to Remain a 'Neutral Platform'
Popular messaging app Telegram will soon cross one billion active monthly users, according to its Russian-born billionaire founder Pavel Durov.
Google Confirms More Layoffs, Relocations as Part of Finance Team Restructuring Amid AI Shift
The finance team of Google is undergoing restructuring, which will include layoffs and relocations, as the company shifts its focus towards investments in AI.
UPDATE: Google Employees Arrested and Fired After Staging Protests Over Company's Project Nimbus Deal With Israel
Several Google employees were arrested on Tuesday following their sit-in protests at the company's offices in New York City and California.
Disneyland Moves Closer to Expansion Plans as Anaheim City Council Approves $1.9 Billion Project
The Anaheim City Council has given the green light to Disneyland Forward, the Walt Disney Company's ambitious plan to expand its iconic theme park.
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